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Practical Applications of Blockchain in Enterprise Security Management

By Innominds In Blockchain Posted

More and more businesses are looking to apply blockchain technology in data management and information security. Blockchain allows the management of records of contractual information over a system or application that has a distributed network of participants. The unique and trustworthy format of the system allows for businesses to collate and collaborate without fear of tampering of data from

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Next-generation digital workspace solutions in a post-pandemic world

By Innominds In digital products and applications Posted

The next generation of digital work solutions are here and they are setting the new and progressive standards of doing business.The new VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)solutions that replicate the exact work desktop environment for the employees allows the flexibility to work away from desks. Although DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) solutions have changed the way enterprises delivered apps and

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Realizing disruptive IoT integration solutions for every business

By Innominds In Connected Devices & IoT Posted

Complex IoT integration with enterprise systems for device connectivity solutions unpacks the massive potential of IoT for all businesses IoT devices are integral to the organizational ventures and even daily operations of companies that have them intertwined in their applications and services. Managing the various characteristics of IoT systems, the volume and velocity of data and other data

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Exciting Learnings from Innominds' Experience in Custom Android Builds

By Naresh Kumar Devalapally In Mobility Posted

Over the past two years, we have done some pretty exciting work in custom android builds. As a part of our learnings, we collated the core concepts that we have drilled down to get the expertise. We will be sharing these in a series of blog posts in details. Here is a glimpse of the topics we will cover.

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Cloud Accelerators and More: Key Factors to Consider in Cloud Migration

By Innominds In Cloud & DevOps Posted

Major factors to consider when moving to the cloud and how cloud migration accelerators can make the process easier for an enhanced business experience

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New asset tracking technologies and IoT solutions that drive business value

By Innominds In Connected Devices and IoT Posted

New and advanced asset tracking technologies are replacing traditional asset tracking as they expand business scope through improved asset location and health monitoring

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How Cloud-based Asset Tracking Solutions Improve Construction Business Revenues

By Innominds In Cloud & DevOps Posted

Keep track of assets, raw materials and inventory with construction asset tracking and management solutions that leverage IoT and connected devices

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Staying Ahead of Your Competition with Tailored Competitive Analysis

By Innominds In Big Data & Analytics Posted

Competitive intelligence analysis using AI-enabled and custom analytics platform- iFusionTM, discovers brand marketing and performance gaps for better business decisions

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The Future of Testing with AI-led Automation Tools

By Innominds In Quality Engineering Posted

Deliver high quality software with AI-powered test automation tools, by speeding-up software development and streamlining production and test cycles with minimal manual involvement in mundane processes 

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How Cloud-based Testing Drives Digital Transformation

By Bharat Gupta In Quality Engineering Posted

In the past few years, IT has witnessed an evolution of virtualization in the form of cloud computing and as a model that views everything “As a Service”. With the use of virtualization, the idea of sharing computing resources across multiple operating systems to increase scalability, reduce costs and enable easy administration of IT infrastructure, has become a reality. Cloud-based testing can

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