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Driving Smart Farming with Advanced AI, IoT, and Data Solutions

By Innominds In Connected Devices and IoT Posted

At the core of the advanced AI, IoT, big data and analytics-based solutions for smart farming is the collection and analysis of data for generating real-time relevant insights at scale and speed, leading to phenomenally higher yield and better utilization of resources.

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Servitization in the Age of Smart Manufacturing

By Innominds In Connected Devices and IoT Posted

Boosted by the growing adoption of advanced technologies, sensors, and the Internet of Things (IoT), could servitization become the default business model for smart manufacturers?

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Six Easy Steps to Create Android Instant Apps

Ever wondered about how to try out an app without installing it ? We wrote about App Clips in iOS in our last blog. Here we will show you how to create instant Apps on Android OS.

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Stepping Towards Successful Autonomous Software Testing

By Innominds In Quality Engineering Posted

Most organizations spend thousands of hours creating QA tests for applications, meticulously breaking down the application and debugging it from release to release. This enormous amount of time spent in manual testing produces very little outcome as it slows down development and affects productivity. Automating the testing by injecting test automation scripts into every stage of the test cycle

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the New Frontier in Software Testing

By Sairamprabhu Vedam In Quality Engineering Posted

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) are the next steps to digital evolution that are redefining technology across the testing landscape. In terms of application development, there are newer requirements and trends such as Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Continuous Integration (CI) that are pushing the Quality Assurance teams to include automation at every step of the testing

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Grow user interaction and engagement with iOS App Clips

By Deepthi Muramshetty In Mobility Posted

The next time you want to order food or book a cab on your iOS device, you may not have to download an entire application, thanks to iOS 14 App Clips.

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Create a react app without create-react-app

By Nabendu Kumar Biswas In App Development Posted

When it comes to start a react project, we all use the familiar create-react-app by Facebook engineers. This create-react-app stores the logic to use, Babel and Webpack behind the scene to make our React application work in the browser.

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Practical Applications of Blockchain in Enterprise Security Management

By Innominds In Blockchain Posted

More and more businesses are looking to apply blockchain technology in data management and information security. Blockchain allows the management of records of contractual information over a system or application that has a distributed network of participants. The unique and trustworthy format of the system allows for businesses to collate and collaborate without fear of tampering of data from

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Next-generation digital workspace solutions in a post-pandemic world

By Innominds In digital products and applications Posted

The next generation of digital work solutions are here and they are setting the new and progressive standards of doing business.The new VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)solutions that replicate the exact work desktop environment for the employees allows the flexibility to work away from desks. Although DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) solutions have changed the way enterprises delivered apps and

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Realizing disruptive IoT integration solutions for every business

By Innominds In Connected Devices & IoT Posted

Complex IoT integration with enterprise systems for device connectivity solutions unpacks the massive potential of IoT for all businesses IoT devices are integral to the organizational ventures and even daily operations of companies that have them intertwined in their applications and services. Managing the various characteristics of IoT systems, the volume and velocity of data and other data

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