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Lakshmi Achanta

Partner and Chief People Officer at Innominds. With worldwide responsibility for Innominds’ strategic human resources activities, including workforce development, organization effectiveness, and global inclusion and diversity, Lakshmi and her leadership, helped Innominds be ranked amongst the “Top 50 Best Companies To Work For in India”, by the ‘Great Places to Work’ Institute.

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The Future of Work is Reshaping. Are you Ready?

By Lakshmi Achanta In Insider Posted

Probably my generation is the one that has seen majority of the changes personally and professionally. We have seen typewriters replaced by computers, telegrams replaced by telex, fax to internet, and physical presence to online, manual to automation to digital transformation. 

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Overcoming Workplace Biases With Confidence and Commitment

By Lakshmi Achanta

Inclusion in the workplace is a significant goal for many organizations. It can, however, be a difficult one to achieve. Many times we hear about something called unconscious bias, a bias that we are unaware of, and which happens outside of our control. It is a bias that happens automatically and is triggered by our brain making quick judgments and assessments of people and situations, influenced

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