In-transit cold chain failures lead to massive losses

The most significant risk of cold chain logistics is maintaining product integrity: quality and freshness of food products, potency and efficacy of medical products, and safety of chemicals. Even the slightest temperature, pressure, or humidity excursions result in damaged consignments and loss of millions of dollars. Additionally, vehicle breakdown delays might lead to unsatisfied customers and spoilage of perishable goods.

Experience the power of shipment location and condition monitoring combined with vehicle telematics in a single solution

Best-of-breed devices-icon

Best-of-breed devices

Portable asset tracker with long-lasting battery for multi-modal transportation

Reliable and certified telematics device for enhanced fleet efficiency

Cloud-based IoT platform-icon

Cloud-based IoT platform

Manages secure connection with the devices, collects data to the cloud from the devices, performs analytics and provides intelligence through the apps

Insights delivered through apps-icon

Insights delivered through apps

Android-auto app for drivers for vehicle and shipment monitoring, in-transit alerts with intelligent suggestions, and navigation

Web application for admin for shipment assignment & visibility from start to end

Key outcomes

Shock/Tilt monitoring

Higher visibility and traceability

Decrease in shipment spoilage

On-time delivery

Adherence to regulatory and SLA requirements

Increase in customer satisfaction

Who we serve

3PL/4PL/5PL companies



Freight forwarder/aggregator and Fleet Manager platforms

Logistics technology enabler/ISVs

AgriTech supply chain startups

Best-of-breed devices

Telematics device

  • Production ready, affordable with IP67 rating
  • Collects and transmits automotive CAN data over the cellular network
  • Certification-ready - AIS140 and compliant for operation in automotive in-cabin environments
  • Internal battery backup
  • Extensible software with a simple API for customer-specific application development

Mobile asset tracker

  • NIST calibrated precision temperature sensor, humidity & pressure sensors, and a 6-axis IMU with a g-sensor and gyroscope
  • Optical sensors for tamper detection
  • Configurable from the app/cloud – can cater to various range of temperature, pressure, and humidity of shipment based on the goods being transported
  • Long lasting battery that runs for 6 months on a single charge; USB rechargeable device
  • Supports geofencing

IoT gateways - can work as IoT gateways by themselves and send data to the cloud directly – so you don’t need to invest in additional gateway devices

Highly efficient – the devices switch to sleep mode while not sending data


Zero Touch Provisioning – the devices automatically register with the cloud along with secure onboarding of the tracker via SMS


Have devices of your own?

We integrate! Our solution architecture is well componented with interoperability.
Hence, our intelligent software works seamlessly, even with your existing devices, with minimal customization.

Connect with us

Cloud-based IoT platform

Leverage our industry-standard IoT platform and modern reference architecture with proven Innominds’ IP to seamlessly connect to devices, collect data, analyze and turn it into actionable insights.


Configurable and intelligent rules engine

Configurable and intelligent rules engine

The platform analyses the data using a configurable rules engine which implies that you can modify the rules that trigger the alerts based on the use case


Asset tracking APIs

Asset tracking APIs

The platform analyses and sends the insights along with threshold exceed and geofencing alerts as asset-tracking APIs to the user application


Audit trail

Audit trail

The platform lets you create an audit trail of all events that occur during a shipment lifecycle as all critical events are captured on the cloud


GPS fall-back handling

GPS fall-back handling

The platform shifts to Android GPS when connection is lost with telematics device and reverts to telematics-based GPS once the connection is re-established




The platform sends notifications about all pickup and delivery locations, tracking waypoints, and status update of each delivery item in the shipment

Insights delivered through apps

For drivers

Equip your drivers with vehicle and shipment condition status along with routing suggestions through android mobile/tablet compatible app

  • Innominds - Cold Chain LogisticsDesigned for ease-of-use while driving based on android auto guidelines
  • Innominds - Cold Chain LogisticsSuperior performance through efficient data caching
  • Innominds - Cold Chain LogisticsReal-time navigation support
  • Innominds - Cold Chain LogisticsEn-route suggestions such as nearest fuel/service station/cold storage
  • Innominds - Cold Chain LogisticsRegional language support
  • Innominds - Cold Chain LogisticsGeofencing alerts on pickup and delivery points

For administrators

Monitor your cold chain fleet and operations end-to-end on an easy-to-use and simple web application

  • Innominds - Cold Chain Logistics Track geographically dispersed teams by vehicle location, health, and shipment assignment status
  • Innominds - Cold Chain LogisticsAssign shipments to the vehicles from anywhere
  • Innominds - Cold Chain LogisticsTrack multiple deliveries and different goods per shipment
  • Innominds - Cold Chain LogisticsGet real-time shipment location and condition tracking and alerts
  • Innominds - Cold Chain LogisticsA dashboard that shows driving analytics of each vehicle