Integrating and Managing Systems

Supporting ubiquitous computing and digital platforms

The advent of digital capabilities and product complexities have transformed the way products are built. They have quickened the pace of work, slashed timelines and in general, wreaked havoc on the model of working in silos.

The need of the hour is a seamless integration of systems so that the bulk of our time and resources are concentrated on solving business problems and in general, make the products better for our customers. This requires maintenance and management of large systems with complex problems and effective integration of multiple teams and skillsets. The core four of QA, Automation, Testing and Security are no longer considered auxiliary. 

Innominds is one of the rare companies in our industry to have a wide range of expertise in the area of integrating and managing systems. Over the years, we have built strong teams who frequently handle projects which involve supporting ubiquitous computing and digital platforms. 

Align IT goals with your Business Goals

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We integrate, secure systems and manage cloud operations applying emerging best practices in API management, security and DevOps. Over the past two decades, we have been assisting global enterprises on multi-phased implementation of aggregating, structuring, and delivering enterprise data using modern infrastructure, DevOps, design, and development practices. Using Bleeding-Edge technologies that span across design, development, architecture and operations, we aim to align your IT goals with business goals. 

While creating compelling customer experiences, the technologists at Innominds are helping businesses address critical aspects of the API lifecycle for both on-premises and cloud environments. All of this is done while ensuring data security, irrespective of delivery channel, and maximizing the value of your data and applications to your customers.   We harness data to inspect, transform, and optimize business. 

Our Methodology - Customer first,Right tools,Real-time visibility 

Putting end-user and customer first: We involve all stakeholders right from defining the requirements, prototype development, unit/integration/ regression testing, to deployment. 

Faster and smaller release cycles: We help you achieve quick successes to consolidate your belief in the new philosophy and then adopt at scale. 

Automate, automate, automate: Automation enables faster execution throughout the SDLC, and we employ it to code development, middleware configuration, database and networking changes, and to essential testing including regression testing and load testing. All of this means, we save your time and efforts and most importantly the total project costs. 

We use the right tools: We ensure that the tools deployed are suitable to the rest of the toolchain that is existing. Our selection of tools reduces conflicts between development and operations. 

Real-time visibility: Advanced project management tools keep all stakeholders informed of the project updates. 

Why Innominds? 

The Continuous delivery approach

Our Continuous delivery approach ensures that every new or revised requirement is rapidly and safely deployed to production with quality by delivering every change and making sure that the software/application functions as intended through rigorous test automation. 

Robust security policies

Innominds worked with one of the top independent software enterprises in the world to offer implementation support for its customers. Through extensive training and expertise surrounding their API Management Suite, Innominds has leveraged their internal security practice services to secure their client’s APIs prior to publishing them for data consumption outside the enterprise environment. The use of robust security policies within an API Management Suite reduced the risk of data exposure to unauthorized users or applications. Prior to this business relationship, clients were required to embed security features and components into their core applications. This resulted in increasing the development effort and burning through allocated resources. Deploying services and APIs that are secured by this product created an environment that allowed the teams to focus on the development of the core functionality of their applications while offloading the burden of security requirements that can now be centrally managed and leveraged by all the applications. 

Automate with Us - Business benefits and Shortened release cycles

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Major clients of Innominds’ Automation services, over the past one year, enjoyed business benefits of over $ 5 MN. For over a decade, Innominds enabled organizations to implement Test Automation to shorten their Release cycle time by increasing their testing speed while maintaining product quality. The level of abstraction is the key for any test automation framework to be successful. The frameworks by Innominds have been designed to balance the abstraction level that makes it adaptable and scalable across platforms.

Flexible engagement, Contextual alignment, Vast experience

At Innominds, we use Flexible engagement models based on Customer needs and optimized support model with dual-shore shared services.

The solutions and processes are tailored to your context and enhanced with the industry best practices.

Years of experience working with enterprises as well as SMEs in managing and testing complex environments gives us a unique edge.

Our teams with hands-on experience on various testing tools and technologies and our continuous training (variety of models) help us to be up to date.

Case studies

Functional testing of 3D facial imaging solution for a Swiss-based emotional analytics company

UI automation of a Site minder application for a NY based technological giant

Backend API automation of a cloud-based relational database for a San Francisco-based database management company

Security Information and Event Management solutions for a San Mateo based Data Warehousing company

Integrated Systems  - The biggest resource saver

System integration brings in a slew of benefits including reduction of cost, reduction of resource wastage, time/energy saving and transforms response time. It enables teams to work and collaborate from across the world and gives singular control over critical aspects of system management.

As product builders and engineers ourselves, we understand the complexities involved in system integration. With our robust backend teams, Innominds have successfully integrated systems across a wide spectrum of domains and companies.

If you are looking for effectively managing and integrating systems with a company that understands product building, contact our experts here