Designing & Building Products

Save time with Design and Engineering under one roof - We Design UX and build full products

Modern product design is an integrated process where design and engineering occur together in confluence. Design has become a multi skilled process with a constant need to evolve and meet challenges that arises due to the diverse range of products and market needs. This requires a multi-dimensional, multi skilled design team.

The other half of product design i.e. Engineers, are required to be design aware, understand the complexities and overall vision to successfully implement the product. This requires an engineering team which has expertise across multiple domains.

We have understood the nature and importance of this integration. At Innominds, the UX design and engineering teams work together seamlessly enabling you to save time as you get to build and engineer products under one roof.

A Design studio within

Design as a practice is of prime importance to Innominds. It is one of the core pillars of our company and design thinking is reflected across all our teams.

Our designers come with diverse domain expertise and backgrounds   ranging from experienced interface designers, visual designers to research and design analysis experts. This multi-skilled facet helps us understand the product from several aspects. Innominds have been involved in a diverse range of design projects including rebuilding legacy applications, building a product from scratch or creating MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).

A robust UI engineering team

Qa Automation image

With a 150 strong and ever growing team, Innominds has one of the best UI engineering teams in the industry. With expertise ranging across several domains, experienced teams and robust leadership, Innominds was able to accomplish some of the most ambitious projects and adapt to the ever-growing changes and challenges. Our engineers are aware of cross functional complexities and constantly work with other teams with focus on collaborating to achieve the product vision.

Accelerate your vision into actual products

Do you think you have a tremendous Product Idea? Do you believe your vision will make a difference? Innominds accelerates your ideas into actual products. By providing great ideas, engineering talent, proven technology, award winning user interface design, our teams exceed quality and ROI requirements that are critical for success in today's highly competitive markets. Quite simply, we assist our clients achieve their goals faster.

We are active across industries including healthcare, financial services, consumer products, oil and energy and retail. The 1,000+ professionals on our teams have deep experience helping enterprises digitally transform their businesses to meet the increasing needs of their customers and/or their highly demanding data driven workforce in this mobile and connected world.

At Innominds, experience the Digital

Innominds is a pioneering technology leader specializing in design and development of both software and hardware. Plugging into the Human Algorithm and the Human OS, we create and support a comprehensive eco- system with a range of products, systems and services that helps enterprises boost quality, efficiency and productivity.

By designing, building and operating end-to-end business and technology projects, Innominds is helping global businesses today become more streamlined, agile, cost-effective and customer friendly.

With nearly two decades of experience in delivering robust, innovative and reliable solutions, and continued investment in product development, Innominds ensures its unique solutions to produce matchless business benefits to its clients.

Why Innominds?

We rest our focus on emerging technologies, building products/accelerators on multiple fronts such as System on Module on devices front, iFusion on Big Data & Analytics (BDA) front, and frameworks / solutions in application development, mobility, and quality assurance competencies.

We have dedicated Innovation Labs that are equipped with state-of-the-art design tools, call boxes, signal generators, test benchers, Zigs, testing tools, testing and debugging tools, and servers for device management for designing, developing and testing 3G / LTE wireless devices.

Our people personify innovation and forward-thinking. Our deep domain expertise and R&D labs can boost capabilities of enterprises to deliver pragmatic outcomes. We have set up a lab & ODC for a Big 4 Professional Services company to build a range of Digital projects. We jointly explore the requirements for projects with the customers and build prototypes for the same. ODCs have also been setup for Trimble, Qualcomm, NSN, Lyris, Democrasoft, and Clustrix.

Meet our Transformers

iFusion: This advanced analytics solution platform addresses data challenges by eliminating complexities in collecting data from heterogeneous sources and poly-structured data and combining the disparate sources through virtualization and federation. With its inbuilt rich set of algorithms and ability to onboard custom-built algorithms, iFusion Analytics enables enterprises to focus on building predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions instead of managing the Big Data “infrastructure stack” to achieve actionable insights.

Kiteboard: A light-weight, small form factor and cost-effective Computer-on- Module (COM) Board for building Mobile Devices, Connected Embedded Systems and IoT Solutions.

Indra rugged tablet: User-friendly heavyweight Performance Device based on Qualcomm quad-core processor, aimed for outdoor industrial use.

indra tab image

ARI tablet with iris scanner:  Tablet Device with superior speed and performance that lets consumers multitask and helps users interact with data by providing quick access to frequently used apps, alerts and remote device management functionality. An Enterprise-grade Mobile Device with Biometric Authentication Systems (IRIS Scanner).

Api Tablet 1.1 image

ARI MDM: A Purpose-built Platform for Enterprises to secure and manage Mobile Devices, Applications and Content. 

UX Highlights

UX Design & Development: A SaaS-based asset tracking solution for construction professionals

Connected Devices and IoT: Connected devices and apps for tactile breast exam imaging solution

Big Data and Analytics: Predicting buyer behavior by mining and analyzing sales data

Integrated, Collaborative, Cross-Functional - The art of design and product building

Innominds is one of the few service companies with an attitude of a product company. We take building products as one of our core competencies. We understand the collaborative and cross functional nature of product building and the very nature of the business environment today that demands the product building process to conduct design and engineering under one roof.

With extensive Design/Engineering teams and delivery centers across the world, Innominds is flexible enough to adapt to different engagement models. Our history of collaborating with some of the best in the industry and having our own product stable gives us a unique understanding and expertise.

If you are looking at taking your Product to market, redesign legacy products/applications or create a minimum viable product, talk to us today.