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Validating JSON Document Against Schema

Overview JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is an open-standard file format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and array data types. JSON is based on JavaScript and is easy to read & write. Since every browser supports JavaScript, JSON has become the de-facto form for data interchange. A tool like JSON schema is required to validate the data

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AI Driven Visual Testing Approach for Web & Mobile Application Testing

By Sunita Patel In Quality Engineering Posted

In recent times, Web and Mobile Applications Testing are going through a great change. The breadth and depth of testing has grown leaps and bounds. Traditional way of testing is facing the challenge of managing high frequency of releases. Also, to cover all the test combinations of various versions of browsers, OS, screen orientations, resolutions etc., it’s not practical to have counting on just

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Dark Mode Implementation for macOS and iOS

By Srikanth Voonna In Mobility Posted

From macOS 10.14 and iOS 13 onwards, Apple has introduced a new type of appearance called Dark Mode. Users can choose or schedule system-level appearances from settings and can adapt to our application with minimal development changes. In this blog, we would be exploring and explaining the different aspects of the application that a developer needs to take care of while adapting Dark Mode or

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Refactoring YouTube Player to Use Flux — Part 1

By Nabendu Kumar Biswas In Design UX & UI Posted

Previously, I have written a three part series blog to create a YouTube Player in ReactJS. It only used React and depended heavily on call backs from children to parent, particularly in a case wherein it was two levels deep.

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A New Approach to Managing Dependencies in iOS Development with Swift Package Manager

By Krishna Prakash Narasannagari In Mobility Posted

Swift Package Manager (SPM) is a tool for managing the distribution of Swift code. It is integrated with the Swift build system to automate the process of downloading, compiling, and linking dependencies. SPM provides a convention-based system for building libraries & executables, and sharing code across different packages.

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Transforming Enterprises to DevTestOps

By Karthik Reddy Mudda In Quality Engineering Posted

Introduction Digital technology and Open Source platforms are sweeping the digital and disruptive technology world, and to keep up with the pace of competition, enterprises must constantly thrive to operate and embrace Agile and DevOps environment with continuous improvements.

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Open Source Tools for Identity and Access Management

Identity & Access Management (IAM) forms the core of cybersecurity policies and platforms. Verifying users and securing credentials assist in preventing an overwhelming majority of data breaches. In modern enterprise's digital ecosystem, IAM robust authentication protocol can keep digital assets secure apart from providing a protection shield from external sources. Let us understand what IAM is

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Robotic Process Automation – A Boon to Healthcare Sector

By Sindoora Akula In Quality Engineering Posted

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been instrumental in leveraging many innovations ranging from application testing to work process robotization. It empowers a virtual workforce that works faster than a human, has an error free execution with no human interference or supervision and can work as per the schedules. The system is also capable of logging the virtual actions by which operational

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Create YouTube Player in ReactJS — Part 3

By Nabendu Kumar Biswas In Design UX & UI Posted

Finally, we have come to the concluding part of the blog series. As of now, we have three main tasks remaining. First, showing the video player, second the option to click on a video to change it in video player and third is search capabilities to search for videos.

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Upgrade Debugging Skills with Chrome's Developer Console Tool

By Kali Prasanna Mishra In Design UX & UI Posted

Being a developer, one must learn how to write efficient code and debug it swiftly. Excellent debugging skills add value to an individual and to the team to find and help fix bugs faster. Every browser vendor is making a sincere effort in enhancing the developer console tool to make it accessible and useful to developers. New capabilities for Chrome's developer console tools are getting pushed in

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