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Edge Computing Driven Transformation of Data, Management & Applications

By Sairamprabhu Vedam In Connected Devices & IoT Posted

Fifty-seven percent of mobility decision makers surveyed in the Forrester Analytics Global Business Technographics® Mobility Survey, 2019, said that they have edge computing on their roadmap for the next 12 months, which is significant when considering how recently edge computing arrived in the sphere of technology evolution. Overview Edge Computing is a buzz phrase in the ascendance and a hot

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Top 8 Trends in DevOps and Cloud in 2020

By Vipin Gulati In Cloud & DevOps Posted

I have learnt in one of my MBA classes at Indian School of Business (ISB) that the evolution of technology follows a series of “S” curves, as depicted in the below screenshot on LHS. There could hardly be any better space than DevOps to see it in reality. DevOps is such a fast moving and ever-evolving landscape that the “Innovation Window” doesn’t make any discrete appearance (as shown in the

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How Redux Helps in Managing State in JavaScript Application

By Govardhan reddy Regalla In Design UX & UI Posted

What is State in JavaScript? Every UI component needs some data to render it. Based on the user interaction, like when a user edits it, some other user changes it or due to external factors, this data may change. The UI component must react to these changes and re-render the UI to show the latest data to the user.

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Application Building Simplified With Data Binding

By Pallavi Naramsetty In Mobility Posted

Do you hate using findViewByIds? Ever felt if there is a better way to access UI XML elements? How about XML files handling simple logic by itself? The solution for it is data binding. It allows you to bind the UI elements in layouts with declarative format rather than programmatically.

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Playing With UI Events & Game Design: How I Developed my First HTML5 & JS Based Game

By Deepak Tiwari In Design UX & UI Posted

I have been working as a UI Architect for the last three years building and architecting Data Science portfolios for clients. Once, during a team lunch with client, they asked me to build a gamified learning application, simulating a user’s journey through a system that can be used as induction/preparatory platform for new joiners to create better learning/training outcomes.

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Securing Ethereum Wallet With Multisig

By Durga Prasad Moganty In Blockchain Posted

What Is Ethereum Wallet? An Ethereum Wallet is a Cryptocurrency Wallet used on Ethereum Blockchain to store digital assets/tokens and to transfer assets/tokens from one wallet to the other.

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Refactoring YouTube Player to Use Flux — Part 2

By Nabendu Kumar Biswas In Design UX & UI Posted

Welcome to the second part of the blog. In this part, we will add the SearchBar functionality. We need to start by updating the App.js to include SearchBar as shown in the image below.

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Social Login Using 'Sign-in with Apple'

By Srikanth Voonna In Mobility Posted

Apple has introduced a fast and easy way to sign-in to your applications or websites with its ID. Instead of filling out lengthy forms, verifying email addresses and choosing/remembering new passwords, one can use 'Sign-in with Apple' to set up an account and start using its application. One can implement this functionality in all variants of the application running on native, web and other

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The 10 Commandments for Aligning Your UI Design Strategy with Business Success

I have invested many years in designing beautiful interactive User Interfaces (UI) for my end customers both working as an Architect and Full Stack Engineer. It was during my stint at one of the top five gaming companies that made me realise the true discipline of work and its importance when it comes to User Experience. While I was a part of product’s player experience team, a thought came to my

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Exploring Flutter Components for Mobile App Development

By Naresh Kumar Devalapally In Mobility Posted

When we started exploring Flutter for cross-platform app development about four months ago, we wanted to explore all the features that Flutter offers. We came up with our own analysis of what works properly and what needs a bit more work. Apart from the obvious advantages that Flutter offers that we’ve mentioned in our earlier blog post, we divided our efforts into three categories:

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