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Why AI-Driven Quality Engineering is the Future of QA

By Kevin Surace In Quality Engineering Posted

Innominds has partnered with Appvance.ai, the inventor and leader in AI-driven testing, to help next-generation businesses capitalize on the disruptive power of AI-driven solutions. Marking a new beginning of this collaboration, Kevin Surace, Chairman & CTO, Appvance.ai, shares his thoughts in this guest blog

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How to Create SAP HANA OData Services

By Mahalingam Murali Iyer In Design UX & UI Posted

In my previous blog we have learnt the basics of SAP UI5 and the steps for setting up the SAP UI5 project development environment. In this blog, we shall understand the basics of SAP HANA and and the steps for creating backend OData service.

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Why SAP UI5 is the Best Fit for Web Development

By Mahalingam Murali Iyer In Design UX & UI Posted

SAP UI5 is a UI framework that helps in the rapid development of enterprise-class responsive applications. It has lots of ready-made controls that can easily be integrated to build applications quickly. If you are looking for fast development of enterprise application, this is the best fit.

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Going beyond Gaming: VR/AR as a disruptive technology for enterprises

AR/VR is currently creating positive disruption for a vast number of operational processes: from design and rapid prototyping to the final production and assembly.

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Logistic Regression Algorithms: The Secret Sauce in AI Test Automation Tools

By Annu Singh

As companies are looking to speed up digital transformation and agile initiatives to bounce back from the disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic, there is an increasing focus on AI and Machine Learning (ML).  In the software testing world, AI automation testing tools are in the limelight once again as important enablers of smart QA organizations that help companies speed up their go-to-market.

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Why Virtual Reality Game Testing and Quality Engineering is Crucial for a Great Gaming Experience

Who doesn’t love gaming? Especially since Virtual Reality (VR) has truly taken the user experience to the next level with its immersive experience in the gaming action.

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Global 5G Opportunity: Perceptions, Reality, Adoption, Trends and Market Analysis

'5G service will cover 40% of the world's population by 2024' - Ericsson Instant digital accessibility fuelled by hyper-speed internet is what the world needs to stay connected and be better engaged. 5G is the technology that will make that connectedness possible.

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Drive Business Value and Sustainability with Digital Twins Technology

Overview Digital Twins is a digital manifestation of a real-world entity or system. It refers to a virtual model of a process, product, or service. A Digital Twin of assets or products, when combined with digital or virtual representations of facilities and environments, people, businesses and processes, will enable an increasingly transparent and detailed digital replica of the real world.

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Building Resilient Supply Chains with IoT and Cloud-enabled Ultra Low Power Asset Tracking Gateway and Applications

Supply chain is one of the most complex parts of a business. The larger the business and more global it is, the more multi-layered its supply chain becomes and also the most vulnerable-as the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed. Supply chain managers are therefore more focused about mitigating risks than about unlocking value. In addition, evolving business concepts such as just-in-time, lean

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Leveraging Cloud Migration to Power Digital Transformation

By Sameer Hadnoorkar In Cloud & DevOps Posted

Gartner predicts the worldwide public cloud service market will grow from $182.4B in 2018 to $331.2B in 2022, attaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.6%.

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