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Chandrashekar Rao Veerapaneni
 Innomids blog author - Chandrashekar Rao Veerapaneni
Distinguished Engineer - Software Engineering

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What You Need to Do Before You Adopt Microservices

Introduction Microservices can drive your digital agenda and provide you many benefits over legacy systems. But as I’ve described before microservices architectures can do more harm than good if not properly implemented.

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Role of Microservices in Digital Transformation

By Chandrashekar Rao Veerapaneni

One of the key success factors for digital transformation is the relationship between business and IT. That is, closing the gap between both, focusing on the same goals and NOT overlooking the role of IT. This is where microservices can play a role in the digital transformation process. In this post, we will provide a high level overview on "Digital Transformation" and "Microservices". The

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