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Sai Krishna Kishore Beathanabhotla
 Innomids blog author - Sai Krishna Kishore Beathanabhotla
Sai Krishna Kishore Beathanabhotla - Principal Engineer - Software Engineering

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Auto Selection of Convolutional Neural Networks Using Reinforcement Learning

Introduction The Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), one of the deep learning models, has seen a lot of success in a variety of computer vision applications. The current approach of deciding a CNN architecture and tuning the hyperparameters of it is either decided by heuristics or by trial and error.

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Handling Large Data Ingestions to Neo4J Using AKKA

Introduction Neo4J is one of the most popular graph databases. But, unfortunately, ingesting large volumes of data take a lot of time as Neo4J tries to acquire lock on nodes before it creates/updates a node.

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