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Durga Prasad Moganty
 Innomids blog author - Durga Prasad Moganty
Director - Software Engineering

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5 Ways UX Can Be Enhanced Using UI Engineering

By Durga Prasad Moganty

UX and UI engineering intertwine in several aspects – we can’t have one without the other! Customers will get frustrated with your application if the experience or interface is substandard. And then, worse, they’ll simply turn to another offering.

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Securing Ethereum Wallet With Multisig

By Durga Prasad Moganty In Blockchain Posted

What Is Ethereum Wallet? An Ethereum Wallet is a Cryptocurrency Wallet used on Ethereum Blockchain to store digital assets/tokens and to transfer assets/tokens from one wallet to the other.

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Angular Ivy: Next Generation Angular Renderer For Enhanced Performance

By Durga Prasad Moganty In Design UX & UI Posted

When it comes to performance, one expects their application’s bundle size to be smaller, faster and simpler. Angular Ivy is a next-generation compilation and rendering pipeline, which reduces the bundle size, loads faster in slower networks and is simple to use. Ivy is still in an experimental phase and is expected to be available in Angular version 8.0. The target date of release version 8.0 is

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