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Raju Porandla
 Innomids blog author - Raju Porandla
Principal Engineer, Quality Engineering

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Best Practices for Validating VDI Implementation

By Raju Porandla In Quality Engineering Posted

Testing Session management logic (both allocation and deallocation) for Non-Persistent Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) desktop pool, especially with large user sets, is very critical for uncovering bottlenecks at the early stages. Otherwise, any failures might result in huge revenue losses for the customers in production.

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Configuring AWS EC2 for Effective Cross Zone Load Balancing

By Raju Porandla In Quality Engineering Posted

Here at Innominds, we like exploring and testing. We like taking our findings and sharing them with each other so as to always be learning. That said, we wish to share with you some of the great findings we recently conducted involving AWSEC2. Read on to hear more.

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