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The Important Role of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) in Digital Transformation

We are in the age of extensive digital transformation with the rapid development of mobile and cloud technologies.

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Why AI-Driven Quality Engineering is the Future of QA

By Kevin Surace In Quality Engineering Posted

Innominds has partnered with Appvance.ai, the inventor and leader in AI-driven testing, to help next-generation businesses capitalize on the disruptive power of AI-driven solutions. Marking a new beginning of this collaboration, Kevin Surace, Chairman & CTO, Appvance.ai, shares his thoughts in this guest blog

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Going beyond Gaming: VR/AR as a disruptive technology for enterprises

AR/VR is currently creating positive disruption for a vast number of operational processes: from design and rapid prototyping to the final production and assembly.

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Why Virtual Reality Game Testing and Quality Engineering is Crucial for a Great Gaming Experience

Who doesn’t love gaming? Especially since Virtual Reality (VR) has truly taken the user experience to the next level with its immersive experience in the gaming action.

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Performance Test Workload Modelling Based on Real-World Usage

By Sridhar Vangapandu In Quality Engineering Posted

The performance of web applications is becoming critical due to the exponentially increased usage of the applications and growing competition in the market. Today, both IT and business stakeholders are more concerned about the application performance. Simulating real user’s behavior during the performance test becomes a vital factor in achieving desired performance test results.

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AI Driven Visual Testing Approach for Web & Mobile Application Testing

By Sunita Patel In Quality Engineering Posted

In recent times, Web and Mobile Applications Testing are going through a great change. The breadth and depth of testing has grown leaps and bounds. Traditional way of testing is facing the challenge of managing high frequency of releases. Also, to cover all the test combinations of various versions of browsers, OS, screen orientations, resolutions etc., it’s not practical to have counting on just

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Transforming Enterprises to DevTestOps

By Karthik Reddy Mudda In Quality Engineering Posted

Introduction Digital technology and Open Source platforms are sweeping the digital and disruptive technology world, and to keep up with the pace of competition, enterprises must constantly thrive to operate and embrace Agile and DevOps environment with continuous improvements.

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Robotic Process Automation – A Boon to Healthcare Sector

By Sindoora Akula In Quality Engineering Posted

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been instrumental in leveraging many innovations ranging from application testing to work process robotization. It empowers a virtual workforce that works faster than a human, has an error free execution with no human interference or supervision and can work as per the schedules. The system is also capable of logging the virtual actions by which operational

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Realizing Digital Transformation Through Robotic Process Automation

By Venkata Sujatha Tokala In Quality Engineering Posted

In the current business environment, all companies are thriving to go digital. All departments and functions of organizations are being digitalized to reduce dependency on physical infrastructure. Organizations can accomplish their business goals and objectives by including Cloud technologies in their process. In this context, Robotic Bots can save time and have cost benefits. Software robots,

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Accelerated Web Accessibility Testing: Essential Elements Needed for a Successful Accessible Test Strategy

By Praveen Kumar Miriyala In Quality Engineering Posted

While getting around in the physical and virtual world for accessing information, many of us, quite often take Accessibility for granted. Accessibility implies that every person, irrespective of their condition, should be able to gain and have complete access to all the amenities that life has to offer (e.g. internet/web, transport system, roads, paths, entry points, exit points, etc.).

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