Innominds Chatbot offers a wide range of features that engages end users through intelligent conversations and learning to provide an apt response. To cater to various aspects of Q&A, we have three different variations of Chatbots, namely, 'Question and Answer Bot', 'Contextual Bot' and 'Cognitive Bot.' We have simple Q&A Bots wherein a user is presented with a series of questions and based on the answer selected, next questions are asked. Contextual Bots are the Bots that use NLP to understand user's questions through free text and voice, and AI to learn and respond. We have advanced Cognitive Bots that learn from old data, create a knowledge repository and understand the root cause of a question/problem before presenting an answer.

Our Chatbot can integrate with any cloud, is easy to maintain and offers a wide variety of analytics
to show how effective the Bot is functioning


Innominds Chatbot solutions help enterprises in their business process automation and provide better customer experience


Spelling/Grammar Check

User’s language is checked for grammar and spellings

Intent Recognition

Intention of the chat - questions or actions

Entity Extraction

Extracts data like ticket numbers, else ask

Dialogue Management

Virtual agent like conversation

Sentiment Analysis

Induces emotion to help capture sentiments like angry and worried users


Creates knowledge repository to provide accurate responses

Pre-Trained Models

Ontology and pre-trained models for specific industries


Flexible on-premise and cloud solutions (AWS, GCP and Azure)

Virtual Agent

Next generation customer agent


Collects feedback on the user experience

Admin Portal

User friendly way to upload Q&A to train the BOT

Chat Transcripts

View all the old chat transcripts

Analytics Portal

Shows the metrics of conversations to elaborate the effectiveness


Innominds Chatbot capabilities have empowered industries across various spectrums with increased lead generation and
improved customer engagement across various industry verticals




A Chatbot that can be deployed on any website to provide easier access to information to a user on offerings and questions asked


Bots, which can be used to provide student’s/employee's with training material and learning videos to make learning more intuitive

IT Ticketing

Bots can be used to replace manual support agents to cut down on L1 support and reply with resolutions to the raised problems


Bots that can be used to enquire about the various offerings given to a certain account holder and also provide support services like ordering cheque books, knowing about a transaction, reporting an incident, etc.


Bots can be used by various educational institutions to give students a better option to know about their courses, admission process, fee structure, eligibility and visa restrictions. Through a series of questions we present the students with the required information rather than showing all the courses.

Intra Company

Bots can be used to present employees with various services ranging from employee services, news, ticketing system, company policies, single interface connect to various departments like HR, Admin, Finance, etc.


Bots can be used to give information on products, brands and support services like warranty / return policy information, with simplified and faster customer interactions, based on location and give nearest store locations.

Care Providers

Connect doctors to patients faster using Tracker Bots, which keep a track of patients’ needs and provide services as required. Assessment Bots, through a series of questions on symptoms, give suggestions on user's health. Additionally, based on the location, it can provide nearest medical provider's location.


Improve customer satisfaction, employee efficiency and engagement levels with Innominds’ innovative chatbots


    Question and Answer Bot


    Contextual Bot


    Cognitive Bot

Question and Answer Bot

A Bot, which interacts through options and answers based on the user selection. The options are presented through various controls like radio buttons, selection boxes and dropdowns. Based on the option the user chooses, the next question / answer is presented as the Q&A are predefined.

Use Case - Ticketing System

The use case is for an IT Helpdesk where the user interacts through a Bot seeking information on various IT issues. Here, we pre-load the Bot with questions and answers and arrive at the questions through a series of interactive options.

Why Should Businesses Start Using ChatBots?

Contextual Bot

A Bot, which answers user queries by taking inputs through chat or voice. Here, language processing techniques are used to understand the context of the question and the answer is presented.

Use Case 01 - Student’s Programs Enquiry

The use case is for an educational institute where students want to enquire about various program offerings provided by the institute. By a series of questions through chat or voice, the Bot asks students various questions before presenting the student with the information they seek.

Use Case 02 - Product Service Enquiry

The use case is for a battery manufacturer who wanted to provide a helpdesk to the customers who have purchased their products. When a user approaches a Chatbot on their website, the Bot takes the user’s details and retrieves their purchase history. Later, the user is presented with warranty and service options of their products. If a user wants to avail any services, the Bot points them to the nearest service station through Google Maps integration.

Cognitive Bot

A Bot, which learns from the existing data by creating a knowledge repository and deriving the solutions / root cause. Here, when a user asks a question, the Bot constructs an answer from the findings of the old data. The Bot continuously learns from the conversation and the data that it is fed with.

Use Case 01 - Cognitive Insights

The use case is for an IT service provider where the Bot should look at old tickets, their resolutions and proactively suggest solutions to new tickets when user's reach out to IT helpdesk for support.

The Bot constructs a knowledge base from old ticket data and proactively identifies the root cause for new incidents based on analysis of historical data. Here, the Bot, using supervised learning and natural language processing, understands the user query, and replies with the suggestive solutions related to the query.

Use Case 02 - Healthcare Bot

The use case is for a pharmaceutical company where the users are interacting through Bot to find out about the drug data in the field of breakthrough research. Here, the Bot learns and creates a knowledge base from various research sources and based on the user’s query, takes the intent to provide the answer.

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