Our Invoice Processor Solution transforms the invoice processing process to attain faster, error free and automated processing and ensures that the accounts that are payable function efficiently. From processing invoices sourced from multiple sources in different formats to validating the invoices, detecting Anomalies, giving a dashboard view of the processed invoices and integrating with any third party finance solution, it offers a wide range of features.

Solution Offerings

With Innominds’ innovative invoice processor, you can digitally capture all incoming invoices that makes sure that they are all mapped correctly in the system. We offer solution that reduces manual handling of invoices, avoids errors and decreases time required to processes invoices

Invoice Processor Assets Solution

Multiple Data Sources

Supports and reads invoices from email/SFTP/Portal/API/ mobile app/faxes

Multiple Formats

Supports and reads invoices from different datas like PDF/Doc/ JPEG/PNG/XLS/CSV


Stricter validation rules before invoice is processed

Advanced Data Extraction

Uses Pre-OCR and OCR modules to extract data. Uses NLP to recognize and classify data post extraction.

Invoice Data Sources and Formats

Anomaly Detection

Invoices with questionable data to be presented to user for review and verification before processing

Multiple Output Formats

Output can be exported to JSON/XML/Database/API and can be integrated into any third party accounts module

Admin Portal

Easy set up to map and train new invoice formats by using built in Field libraries

Dashboard of Inovices Processed

Analytics Portal

Dashboard and snapshot of the processed invoices

  • Number of Processed Invoices
  • Number of Non-Processed Invoices
  • Total amount of invoices per customer (Chart)
  • Anomaly detected in any invoice amount
  • Invoice received per period and prediction of the number of invoices to be received (Chart)
  • Vendor Analytics: Same product cost difference between two vendors
  • Document Classification: Invoice by vendor, by product and by period


Innominds' Invoice Processing solutions are widely used across various industries, bringing a reduction in errors and streamlining the process of Invoice Processing

 Invoices Solutions for Banking & Financial industries

Banking and Financial institutions/Departments where there are invoices to be processed

Review and Process Legal industry agreement invoices

The core solution can be applied to review legal agreements and validate them before passing for manual review to see if the data present is in the required format

Invoice Solution for Consumer data in retail Industry

The solution can be used to read information on purchase receipts and data can be extracted


Invoice Processing – Automation and Transformation

Automated Invoice Management Solution Software
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Invoice Processor Solution

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