Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) also called as License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a technology that uses advanced image processing and optical character recognition on video streams/images to read vehicle registration plates in real time to create vehicle location data.

The advanced ANPR/LPR technology is part of our Numix video analytics suite and is powered with several software versions best suited for various computer vision and OCR application environments. It offers a flexible API that ensures easy integration with various types of security system. The ANPR technology can be easily customized to meet diverse applications.


There are various applications where Numix ANPR can be used


Automated Parking Solution

Ideal for retail, hotels, hospitals and any business that is looking to provide a free-flow parking experience.


Police/Law Enforcement/Military

Prevention of crime with the help of ANPR cameras installed on police cars – mobile & stationery.


Parking Area Monitoring

Helps in effective parking occupancy management and identifying vacant parking spots, parking stay time, etc.


Gated Community Security

Identifies owner/visitor vehicles, and effective parking time of the vehicle in the parking lot ensuring complete gated community safety.


Automated Toll System

Captures the number plate, video tolling and effective charging with almost zero-human intrusion.


Traffic Violation Identification

Identifies signal breaks, accidents, wrong turns, and lane departure with a car make and model recognition system


Captures number plates even in the dark

Can capture number plates even at speed of up to 60 km per hour

Video capture reports in multiple formats


NUMIX ANPR solutions provide innumerable benefits to people living in cities and
neighborhoods by providing adequate security and protection.


  • Effective-vehicle-tracking Effective vehicle tracking and surveillance
  • Efficient-parking-occupancy Efficient parking occupancy management
  • Better-traffic-monitoring Better traffic monitoring
  • Efficient-data-analytics Efficient data analytics
  • Accurate-real-time Accurate real-time information with faster access control
  • Tracking-complete-visitor Tracking complete visitor/resident owner movement
  • Gated-community-security Gated community security
  • Automated-toll-collection Automated toll collection
  • Tracking-hit-run Tracking hit and run cases through number plate detection
  • Tracking_stolen_vehicles Tracking stolen vehicles/suspended license vehicles
  • Tax-and-insurance-control Tax and insurance control


System Accuracy 98%

Deploying a reliable, strong and secure Numix suite solution for your business/highway/law enforcement/parking lot has numerous benefits

  • Learning algorithm has been trained with 2500 alphanumeric characters of various fonts
  • System has been tested with more than 1000 Indian number plates
  • System has been tested for approximately 10,000 alphanumerical characters of various front/scaling/rotation
  • The system has been tested for US/UK/Croatian/Slovakian number plates
  • Innominds ANPR solution can be easily trained for new fonts

ANPR Algorithm/IP Portability

ARM, x86 based SoCs, Cloud, Server, Desktop

Basic Server Configuration for Running the ANPR Algorithm/System

Processor          :         Intel Core i5

RAM                  :         8 GB

OS                      :         Windows 7/Linux

Hard Disk          :         500 GB


NUMIX ANPR Camera Features


Image resolution: 1920x1080

FPS: 30 fps - 60 fps - 120 fps

Shutter speed: 1/100s - 1/30000s


Type: 4.0 mm - 58 mm

Iris/focus/zoom: Automatic

Optical filter: IR cut enable/disable


LED type: White LEDs

IR wavelength: 850 mm

Intensity configurable: Low, medium, high mode

Installation Setup

Installation horizontal angle: Max 25 degrees

Installation vertical angle: Max 25 degrees


Range: 2.8m - 20m (with respect to lens position)

Speed: up to 180 km/hr

Day/Night mode

Auto switch between day/night based on Lux

Type of detection: Single lane/multiple lane


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