Solving Business Problems

Implementing use cases leveraging digital technologies

From creating generic products and systems, the industry has moved on towards solving specific business problems.

The market no longer requires solutions that maintain the status quo or those that result in incremental innovation. They need specific products that solve specific business problems. Applications and solutions that focus on contextual problem-solving stand out from others. 

At Innominds, we bring you the most relevant and valued capabilities needed to swiftly respond to business challenges and opportunities. By helping eliminate silos, we provide you the best time-to-value running on a single cost-effective scale-out solution

Implementing use cases by leveraging digital technologies, our teams have been successful in providing enterprises with technical recommendations and solutions that helped them plan and implement for future technology rather than where it is now. 

We don’t fix issues, We solve problems

One of the major mottos of Innominds is be known as Problem Solvers rather than providing stop gap solutions. We have built teams over the years based on this philosophy. Innominds has been working with enterprise companies for years, specializing in Big Data & Analytics, Connected Devices, and Security to help solve these complex problems in this app economy. 

We rest our focus on emerging technologies, building products/accelerators on multiple fronts such as System on Module on devices front, iFusion on Big Data & Analytics (BDA) front, and frameworks/solutions in application development, mobility and quality assurance competencies. 

New use cases are realizable and persisting business challenges can be solved across industries by applying digital technologies 

Problem-solving across domains

Each domain has it's own challenges and complexities. Over the years, Innominds has applied our expertise and frameworks across the following domains

  • Field Service Operation
  • Asset Tracking
  • Working Insights
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Customer Experience
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • App Analytics 

Our Accelerators and solutions

iFusion, our advanced analytics solutions platform addresses data challenges by eliminating complexities in collecting data from heterogeneous sources and poly-structured data and combining the disparate sources through virtualization and federation. The platform gives you the flexibility to build many solutions. You can prototype it and if it looks good, the tool can be used to put that solution into the production environment. 



Use case examples

UI-UX-claims image

Descriptive Analytics in the telecom space: It can be used to not only find fraudulent activities using a telephone or skype, but also catch such people within the network. We call it a Telecom records management system.

E-commerce space for a recommendation engine: Clients can delve into users’ shopping carts and intelligently recommend products not only for the same user but also his/her friends and family. For example, Amazon actively monitors user carts for what they have selected to buy and accordingly displays related products. A user selecting to buy diapers would see related products such as milk bottle, powders, baby lotions, etc. Recommending products that your friends might have bought can most likely result in you buying a similar product as well.

Collecting data from Healthcare devices: Suretouch is one of our customers who collects a lot of customer data from their breast scan devices. Such a client can map their data with other demographic data such as race and gender of people and then correlate both data sets to find the probability of people likely to suffer from breast cancer. 

Kiteboard is a light-weight, small form factor and cost-effective Computer-on-Module (COM) Board for building Mobile Devices, Connected Embedded Systems and IoT Solutions was developed for use by students, enthusiasts, professionals and enterprises alike. 

The IOT hub - the COM supports various connectivity options – so it can be used standalone as a hub device. It can also be used as handheld device, and in digital signage and kiosks. 

Kiteboard can also be used in gaming devices that include a display, camera, sensors, and rely on connectivity, Video streaming drones (streaming video on 4G network), thin-client devices, portable media devices, security cameras and custom phone & tablet designs. 

Cross Domain expertise, Wealth of experience, Solution based teams

Innominds offers contextual problem-solving abilities using business intelligence and domain expertise. Our team of solution architects realise the importance applying knowledge into actual business problems. With cross domain expertise, flexible engagement models and experience with working across the spectrum - from large organizations to fledgling startups gives us an unique understanding of applying technology and expertise to provide solutions. 

If you are looking for contextual business solutions, solve specific business problems or want to have a discussion on how to take your product forward, talk to our solutions team here.