Our iFusion Advanced Analytics platforms have reduced the overall project cost by a million dollar

Our Big Data & Analytics Services

Architecture and solutions framework: Framework for building analytics solutions at reduced cost and time

Data lifecycle management: Optimising large scale data flow in enterprises to improve agility and reduce costs

Data visualisation and insights: Enabling decision-making by leveraging internal and third party solutions

Blockchain: We provide the technical expertise and leadership required to implement blockchain real life use cases for various industries

Predictive and prescriptive solutions: Helping enterprises prepare with solutions for future possibilities and influence outcomes


Innominds helps enterprises arrive at personalized, contextual, and meaningful information with our expertise in Big Data Analytics. We combine context-aware analytics with databases and data processing, helping our clients create a meaningful user experience for their customers. We solve Big Data challenges by developing solutions with platforms and components that assist in extracting insights for predictive operations.

Our Services

Architecture and solutions framework

We enable enterprises to speed up the building of analytics solutions by building a robust data architecture. This ensures that data is handled appropriately in terms of storage, integration and processing. Keeping this in mind, we have built iFusion, an advanced analytics solutions platform that helps enterprises achieve their data architecture goals. iFusion’s capabilities in automation and advanced analytics enables us to speed up the implementation of enterprise data analytics use cases.

Data lifecycle management

Innominds provides data lifecycle management services to help firms manage the exploration, extraction, storage, process and archiving of their datasets. We help set-up the necessary protocols and compliance measures to combat the challenges of data explosion in the digital age.

Data visualisation and insights

Innominds helps enterprises explore and analyse large and complex datasets in order to gain business insights through interactive and visually appealing representations. We create dashboards and tools that are interactive, insightful and cater to the needs of a variety of business stakeholders to aid digital, data-driven enterprises.

Predictive and Presumptive solutions

Innominds's uses its extensive data science capabilities and provides advanced analytics based services that enable firms to predict future outcomes and also take the necessary steps to adequately respond to them. We help you prepare for future possibilities by leveraging the predictive and prescriptive power of the very large datasets while providing the capabilities to influence these outcomes.

Our Accelerators

iFusion - Accelerated insights and analytics solutions at reduced cost

Data is ever growing, poly-structured, heterogeneous and volumes are always growing. We live in a world of insights. Enterprises need accelerated insights to make insightful decisions and stay competitive. Aiming to solve this need, Innominds has built iFusion, an advanced analytics solution platform that addresses data challenges by eliminating complexities in collecting data from heterogeneous sources and poly-structured data. It helps combine the disparate sources through virtualization and federation.

With it's inbuilt rich set of algorithms and ability to onboard custom-built algorithms, iFusion Analytics enables enterprises to focus on building predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions instead of managing the Big Data “infrastructure stack” thereby achieving actionable insights.

iFusion analytics' patented, scalable and distributed platform has helped reduce a million dollar of project costs for one of our clients.

A few of our
Case Studies

Retail Live Connect


This solution provides a real-time processing and analytics capability in order to sense, analyze and connect with browsing shoppers and offering them contextually relevant shopping experiences.

Reverse Auction for e-Commerce Portal

Customer & Background

Our customer is a leading consulting services provider who was looking for a product engineering and solutions partner who could facilitate building analytics solutions in the areas of consumer and retail industries. One such customer scenario...


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