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About Numix

Numix offers a comprehensive, wide range of advanced video analytics solutions that use Image Processing, and OCR technologies along with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and other advanced sensor technologies. Numix provides an easy and flexible API integration, development, on-boarding and delivery of cost-effective solutions. It aims to help build safer and smarter communities and cities, worldwide.


Numix solutions are used across industries ranging from highways and transportation to traffic management and manufacturing. These solutions help in having a smarter automation processes bringing efficiency apart from providing strong security and safety features for commercial businesses, governments, cities and global audience.


Automated Number Plate Recognition

Highly accurate system capable of capturing vehicle number plates without human intervention Know More

Driver Drowsiness Detection

Eye-blink detection tracks pattern and sends alerts when it senses driver’s drowsiness

Lane Detection

Coupled with AI, lasers and infrared sensors, it helps assist a driver of any untoward lane departure on highways

Industrial Automation

Detects anomalies in the busy production line, thereby scaling up manufacturing productivity

Face & Object Recognition

Facial recognition helps differentiate a visitor from an intruder, while object recognition helps identify objects and gives info on their location

Edge Detection

An image processing technique for finding the boundaries of objects within images and it is used for image segmentation & data extraction

Signal Detection

Automatic identification and classification of road signs via OCR & video analytics helps in a vigilant drive

Motion Tracking

Motion detection & tracking system is capable of taking video streams and analyzing them for motion

Identity Document Reading

An advanced identity and access management solution that helps in rapid customer identification through document recognition

ATM Surveillance

An intelligent vision system for monitoring security and surveillance of ATMs


Deploying a reliable, strong and secure Numix suite solution offers numerous benefits:

  • High solution accuracy of 98%
  • Accurate and advanced Computer Vision (CV) based Video Analytics solution
  • Works on any camera feed, on multiple cameras & can be ported to embedded systems
  • Efficient Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for converting to alphanumeric
  • The solution is compatible with smartphones
  • Cloud-based video analytics
  • Image pre-processing to improve the incoming video quality
  • JSON APIs to extract the text/number
  • Easy customization of multiple fonts across multiple countries
  • Flexible API that ensures easy integration with all types of security systems
  • The tracked information can be depicted in excel, HTML & PDF formats
  • Works round the clock
  • Compatible with various devices and software having seamless API integrations


Numix solutions are widely used across various industries, bringing efficacy and creating a positive impact for businesses, governments and citizens.

Traffic Management
Traffic analysis solution that helps track and manage traffic congestion and illegal turn enforcement.
Police & Law Enforcement
ANPR cameras help police track & identify uninsured drivers. They also help in finding footage by plate number, time of read, location, direction of travel and other criteria & then match with their hotlist.
Industrial Surveillance
Numix provides complete industrial surveillance and security solutions by detecting minute odd manufacturing defects (anomaly detection) in the busy production lines, thereby bringing manufacturing efficiency.
Highway Management
The automated toll collection system saves time and cost benefitting the highway agencies as well as vehicle owners.
OCR technology helps banks to scan and verify the signatures on the cheques with ease. Face & object detection provides smart ATM surveillance resulting in reduced ATM crimes.
Helps track the vehicle movement in transit, prevents accidents caused by the driver getting drowsy by sending warning alerts and helps detect any untoward driver lane departure.


Numix, with its strong technological expertise and experience in delivering ANPR, OCR and Video analytics solutions has been serving government agencies and private businesses worldwide. The technologies used are both enterprise-grade and Open Source. 

Image Processing/OpenCV
Object Detection & Tracking
Machine Learning
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Web Technologies/ Server Hosting
Cloud Capture
Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Edge Computing

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