Our Quality Engineering Services Overview

Emergence of digital technologies, third party relationships, increased market demands for agility and quality are forcing organizations to re-engineer testing practices to elevate end-user experience by adopting new approaches such as Agile Testing, Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Continuous Testing.

Innominds’ Quality Engineering Centre (QEC) helps you to transform and implement next-generation testing practices in your organization to meet rapidly changing technology eco-system and your business needs. Innominds’ QEC leverages cutting edge testing solutions, accelerators, thought leadership and unified smart testing frameworks to transform your current testing practices to become a smart QA organization.

In order to start journey towards building a SMART QA organization, we recommend a quick test maturity assessment, which will help us to understand your current test practices, it’s strengths and challenges.

Our QE Core Services Offerings Include

Intelligent Test Automation

Accelerate application testing with our intelligent automation design thinking engineers

Accelerate application testing with our intelligent automation design thinking engineers. Our test architects will help you on automation advisory, strategy approaches, best practices, adoption of relevant automation tools and most importantly customize Harmony™, our automation framework, to instantly accelerate your test cycles.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our RPA services offer comprehensive solutions for your digital workforce transformation

Our RPA services offer comprehensive solutions for your Digital Workforce Transformation. Our RPA team who are certified in leading RPA tools will help you in defining RPA strategy, Bot Design, Development & Deployment and complete Robotic Process Automation.

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Performance Testing and Engineering Services

Our Performance Testing services help clients deliver applications with high responsiveness

Our Performance Testing & Engineering services help clients to deliver applications with high responsiveness, availability and scalability. Our skilled performance consultants provide solutions around end-to-end performance testing, in-depth analysis of architecture, dynamic profiling, application monitoring and reporting.

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Agile Advisory & Transformation

Our agile advisory & transformation consultants help organizations drive agile adoption

Our agile advisory & transformation consultants help organizations drive agile adoption in an integrated fashion. Our principal consultants take a view of end-to-end SDLC value streams and help to achieve desired Agile maturity levels by leveraging industry best practices, lean principles, processes and tools.

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Security and Threat Management

Our security testing services provide solutions for security testing requirements

Our security testing services provide best-in class solutions for wide-range of security testing requirements. Our security testing specialists validate end-to-end security testing that includes Source Code Analysis, Web Application Penetration Testing, Mobile Application Penetration Testing, Network Vulnerability Assessment, and Cloud application security testing.

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IoT and Connected Devices Assurance

Our IoT testing frameworks handle IoT platforms by validating wide variety of testing

Our IoT testing frameworks and approaches handle IoT platforms uniquely by validating wide variety of testing types such as Protocol Testing, Platform Testing, Firmware Testing, Wireless Testing, Certification Testing, AR/VR Validation, Interoperability Testing, etc. Our IoT testing approach coupled with state-of-the-art IoT Test Labs ensure that all connected systems, subsystems, interfaces, and applications work seamlessly on all relevant platforms, devices and versions.

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Digital Transformation Assurance

Our Digital Assurance test experts conduct testing across your digital ecosystem

Our Digital Assurance test experts conduct comprehensive testing across your digital ecosystem, which includes cloud, mobile, and connected devices. Our test experts ensure that all connected systems are thoroughly validated for User Experience, Omni Channel Experience, Compatibility, Responsive Web, A/B Testing, Usability, Accessibility, Network, and Security and Performance.

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Traditional QA Services

Our traditional testing services focus on comprehensive end-to-end testing

Our traditional testing services focus on comprehensive end-to-end testing. Our test experts help you on Functional Testing, Systems Integration Testing, Compatibility Testing, API Testing, Database Testing, in addition to Localization and Internationalization Testing, to ensure system / application works as per the user expectations.

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Our IP and Test Accelerators

HarmonyTM: Harmony is a unified test automation framework that offers end-to-end testing across multiple types of APIs, mobile, web and desktop applications. It offers continuous testing by integrating various DevOps tools and reduce the cost as it is built on various open source languages and tools like Java, Selenium, Appium and White.

iFusion: iFusion is a predictive QA analytics platform, which is built on big data principles. It provides insights on defect trends, build failures, test coverage, code changes and impact analysis, history of past defects, and end user interactions. These insights help QA teams to generate new test cases, test data and business process scenarios to prevent potential defects.

Test Data Accelerator: Innominds Test Data Accelerator provides a structured engineering approach to create and manage test data. Our test data accelerator helps in creating large volume of data that helps in validating industry standard test techniques, positive and negative scenarios, orthogonal matrix and other test validations.

Enigma – Cloud Migration Accelerator: Innominds cloud migration accelerator help you to migrate end-to-end project artefacts to cloud. We follow well-structured approach by either migrating as-is or refactoring or complete recoding model.

Process Accelerator: Innominds process accelerator platform is a combination of Test Advisory and Process Jump Start Kits. Test Advisory help you to transform from existing end-to-end testing practices to next-gen test practices by assessing the AS-IS state of the test organisation. Our Process Jump Start Kits comprises of test templates, checklists, guidelines and process documents, which help you to accelerate software testing.

IoT Test Lab: Innominds IoT test lab is equipped with all possible devices and systems. Our infrastructure platform comprises of emulators and simulators, IoT test beds, combination of operating systems and supported hardware. The software is suitable for IoT products end-to-end testing and platform certifications.

Innominds QEC Helps its Clients Benefit By

Faster time to market

Faster time to market

Reduced cost of testing

Reduced cost of testing

Improved quality levels

Improved quality levels

Higher customer satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction

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