We understand how to leverage automation for the best ROI

Our Quality Engineering Services

Product testing and Digital solutions QA: Ensure user, functional and system scenarios are realized as per solution vision and requirements and support digital transformation by testing various application service channels

Independent verification and validation: Build a better quality product in-line with software specifications and customer needs

Test automation and continuous validation: Accelerate testing with a right blend of automation - techniques, tools, approaches and accelerators

Performance engineering: Support development teams and product owners in building high performance and secure products



Even as they deal with quick business changes, organizations are on a constant quest to evolve by reducing their turnaround time and effort in regression cycles. Automation helps accelerate and reduce regression cycle time, hence, enabling enterprises to focus on new features and complex changes. Innominds believes in automation wherever it is applicable.

Innominds is a one stop shop for comprehensive testing. We apply a variety of techniques – Innominds frameworks, custom scripts, tool based, open source etc., and understand when and how much to automate for the best ROI.

QA solutions across domains

Innominds has diverse experience across domains like Business Applications – Healthcare, Construction, Sales Intelligence, Asset Tracking, Web, Mobile and IoT, Enterprise Cloud, IT & Security Management and Connected Devices providing QA solutions across domains

Our Engagement model

We have a vast experience of testing different types of solutions like business applications, device based solutions and infrastructure management products for enterprises and SMEs.

Our solutions and processes are aligned to accelerate product development and flexible engagement models specific to customer needs.

Our Services

1. Products and applications testing

This involves end to end workflow testing, product testing, integration testing and enterprise software testing. 

2. Independent verification and validation

We ratify customer needs and validate software requirements. Independent verification involves verifying DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ and report results.

3. Test automation and continuous validation

We help accelerate testing with a right blend of automation techniques - custom scripts, open-source, on-prem / cloud tools and our accelerators.

4. Performance engineering

With regards to performance engineering, our expertise includes application performance management, load and stress testing, performance monitoring, compliance certification, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

5. Digital solutions QA

Our Digital solutions QA includes omni channel testing, service and network virtualization, mobile application testing and cloud assurance services.

Some of our QA solutions

IT Infrastructure deployment

Product Testing, Integration Testing, Mobile Data Management,

Asset tracking solution

Test Automation of Web and Mobile Application

HyTrust Cloud control 

Application Penetration Testing of HyTrust Cloud Control

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Quality Engineering
  • Manohar Mahavadi
    Manohar Mahavadi SVP & Practice Leader Quality Engineering
  • Sagar Pathaneni
    Sagar Pathaneni Senior Director Quality Engineering
A few of our
Case Studies

Retail Live Connect


This solution provides a real-time processing and analytics capability in order to sense, analyze and connect with browsing shoppers and offering them contextually relevant shopping experiences.

Reverse Auction for e-Commerce Portal

Customer & Background

Our customer is a leading consulting services provider who was looking for a product engineering and solutions partner who could facilitate building analytics solutions in the areas of consumer and retail industries. One such customer scenario...


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