90% of agile development teams will include remote work as part of business continuity planning by 2022   – Gartner

Speed and scale are of the essence in the new normal

Monitor and regulate social distancing at the workplace

Create seamless and secure ways to enable remote work productivity

Automate end-to-end application infrastructure and ecosystem

Enable faster go-to-market, product development and testing

Enhance consumer experience with Conversational AI

Manage new data challenges

Forecast demand fluctuations and streamline supply chain processes

Guarantee cyber security

How our platform-based analytics, cloud, computer vision, and AI and ML-driven Remote-First solutions will help your business be resilient, secure and more digital

Embrace the Digital Next

Advanced technology solutions to digitize your workforce, build an intelligent contactless ecosystem, leverage smart field devices, and enhance cyber security

Accelerate your Digital Next

AI, ML, AR/VR, and cloud solutions to ensure secure app development, speed-to-market, optimized development and testing costs, and modernized architecture

Jumpstart your remote work initiatives and applications with our powerful accelerators and platforms

Cloud migration platform to become remote-first company

Speed up and cut costs of migration of physical, VMware, AWS, Microsoft Hyper-V workloads into Azure with our iMigrateTM accelerators and platform and automate all aspects of cloud migration.

Low-code, no-code application development during Covid

Accelerate your application development process using our low-code, no-code platform that enables a visual development approach with widgets, templates and components.

Remote- first IoT and connected devices & apps

Harness the power of IoT and connected devices and leverage our iTrillTM platform along with our spec-to-ship-design capabilities (including Numix, ANPR, Ari MDM and Kiteboard) to build your own application-specific connected devices/appliances

Embrace the Digital Next

Digitize your workforce

AI for Social distancing and contact tracing apps

Back2OfficeTM solutions

Using Deep Learning, AI, ML and computer vision, our social distancing, and contact tracing apps enable enterprises to effectively manage the mandates of social distancing and employee safety in the office and shop floor.

Digital Workplace Software

Digital workplace solutions

These include Workspace-as-a-service, Digital Work Hub, enterprise mobility management solutions and Secure Workplace analytics for enterprises to securely deliver apps and data to any device, offer video conferencing and business messaging features to connect employees on the go, develop mobile applications, and detect suspicious activities in the office, respectively.

Build an intelligent contactless ecosystem

RPA chatbot use case to go remote

Conversational AI and RPA solutions

Cut costs and turnaround time and enhance customer experience with our 'question & answer', contextual and cognitive chatbots. Automate parts of your business processes with RPA.

Remote work cyber security

Secure your organization

Remote workplace security risk analytics solution, blockchain, Facial recognition-based IAM solutions

Ramp up your cybersecurity program with our blockchain, cloud security, security testing solutions and facial recognition-based identity and access management apps.

Remote field management

Rugged Mobile device management (MDM) for remote-friendly companies

Rugged field device design and development

Efficiently enable monitoring and maintenance of equipment in rugged field devices based on  Qualcomm quad-core processor, providing reliable, uninterrupted work performance and houses NFC functionality, among many other features. These devices allow remote work in oil and gas site inspections. These enable efficient asset tracking and fleet management.


Mobile Device Management (Ari MDM)

Leverage our enterprise mobility management solution for remote tracking and monitoring purposes; the solution securely manages user activities across device, applications and content. Ari MDM enables device management and monitoring with a simple yet intuitive management console. It enables policy enforcement with configurable restrictions across individuals and device groups based on roles, locations etc.


Over-the-Air (OTA) and remote device management solutions

OTA and remote device management

Leverage our Over-the-Air (OTA)-based solutions and remote device management to update or distribute software, configuration settings, and encryption keys.

Accelerate your Digital Next


Cloud migration

Seamlessly and cost-effectively move to the cloud to modernize your applications and implement a multi-cloud strategy, and accelerate digital transformation with our cloud engineering expertise.


Low-code no-code platform solution

Speed up your go-to-market and reduce cost of development with our rapid application development (RAD) offering on our iSymphonyTM platform—a low-code no-code platform. iSymphonyTM includes digital assets include widgets, templates, and components for fast-paced application development.


AR/VR digital immersion

Enhance end-user experience with augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, speed up go-to-market and use AR/VR-based solutions for training of remote workforces.


AI-driven Ops

Optimize your resource costs with our cloud operation management, DevOps engineering and automation expertise, cloud architecture and design, and cloud migration services.

Virtualization of network and infrastructure


Digital Twins and VDI

Leverage digital ways to product development that save time and cut costs. Launch Digital Twins, set up Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), use AR tools and companion apps to create great customer experiences and augment your infrastructure with Device-as-a-Service offering.


AI-driven quality engineering solution

Find and fix bugs quicker and cheaper with script-less testing, automate functional and performance testing of mobile apps and enhance your end-user experience with QE solutions for optimized testing (Agile Testing, intelligent automation, RPA, and Continuous Testing)


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