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At Innominds, we bring you the most relevant and valued solutions needed to swiftly respond to business challenges across various industries.

We understand each domain has its own challenges, complexities and a need for ready-to-use solutions.

Over the years, Innominds has applied its expertise and frameworks across various domains and has built various solutions, which can be used to solve problems across various industries.



Chatbot offers a wide range of features to engage end user's through intelligent conversations and learning to provide the apt response.

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Invoice Processing

Invoice Processor solution transforms your invoice process to attain faster, error free and automated processing, which ensures your accounts payable to function efficiently.

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Recommender System

Solution for e-commerce websites in implementing upsell/cross-sell strategies wherein one can display relevant products according to customer preferences/tastes and provide innovative methods for intelligently searching the desired products.

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Customer 3600 View

A holistic customer 3600 view provides a scalable approach to integrate analytics and machine learning to predict customer activity and maximize ROI.

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Computer Vision and Image Analytics - Numix

Computer vision and image processing can leverage camera and its ability to see and recognize people, objects and items for automation of a number of activities. Computer vision on edge can be combined with powerful deep learning capabilities on the cloud to bring new data and insights into traditional analytics for fraud, risk, operations etc.

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Healthcare Management

Preventive Healthcare, Automated Healthcare Systems using Cloud, Field-based Diagnostics, Analytics & Reporting Systems, Telematics Solutions, Delivering Point of Care at Patient’s Home, Connected Healthcare Management Systems, Predictive Healthcare Solutions, and Public Health Education among others.


Construction Management

Innovative construction solutions by leveraging machine learning to create better work execution platforms for managing the day to day construction processes in an efficient way.


Automated Number Plate Recognition

Highly accurate system capable of capturing vehicle number plates without human intervention

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Intelligent Ticketing System

Manages and reduces your support ticket resolution time by automating ticketing systems to recommend resolutions by learning from the old ticket information and knowledge repository.


Fraud Management

Adaptive fraud management that learns from every activity / behaviour, creates usage and behavioral profile of all activities to detect fraud and add measures for prevention.


Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio management and estimating value at risk and capital adequacy requirements. Pricing a portfolio and achieving diversification. Investment analysis and extensible to retail investments


Employee/Insider Risk

Security analytics to measure and act on insider risk based on the physical, digital and cyber activity of the employees and contractors. An action engine that takes appropriate actions and exercises control.


Credit Risk Management

Credit risk assessment using machine learning by considering all customer data such as purchase, behavioral, lifestyle, attitudinal data and not just based on a score subscribed to or demographics.


Operational Analytics

Banks need a real time view of their operations to make faster and smarter decisions. Operational analytics ensures that banks can address business scalability and drive better customer experiences. A ready solution to define a business process or operation and monitor it in real time for KPIs that cover customer experience, risk and compliance.


Home Monitoring

Monitor’s home to detect movements using sensors by capturing presence, light and pressure. This solution can be used for home security and wellness trackers to monitor aged people at home. It also detects anomalies out of the person’s movement patterns and sends notifications if any anomaly is detected.


Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking is an end-to-end technology solution, which tracks and provides continuous visibility to all your assets, workflows using sensors, cloud and ML. Complete visibility is assembled through five main data points, which are location, condition, quantification, time and travel path. It helps to streamline the management of all physical assets, providing several tangible business benefits.

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