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Ananda SMP Sarma Damaraju
 Innomids blog author - Ananda SMP Sarma Damaraju
Ananda SMP Sarma Damaraju - Manager - Software Engineering

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How to Make Your Application Modernization Plan Succeed

By Ananda SMP Sarma Damaraju

Introduction Thousands of business systems that enterprises currently use for budgeting, approvals, order management among others were built decades ago. There are many pain points that surround these existing applications. Additionally, enterprises tend to have varied infrastructure with some processes using Mainframes, with few other custom-built apps for specific business units.

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Validating JSON Document Against Schema

Overview JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is an open-standard file format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and array data types. JSON is based on JavaScript and is easy to read & write. Since every browser supports JavaScript, JSON has become the de-facto form for data interchange. A tool like JSON schema is required to validate the

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