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Staying Ahead of Your Competition with Tailored Competitive Analysis

By Innominds In Big Data & Analytics Posted

Competitive intelligence analysis using AI-enabled and custom analytics platform- iFusionTM, discovers brand marketing and performance gaps for better business decisions

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Your path to success with full lifecycle data management

By Innominds In Big Data & Analytics Posted

The rise of data and how organizations are increasingly becoming data driven With huge amounts of data being generated every second from various sources such as business transactions, industrial machinery and social media, data is becoming the fuel that is driving any business. Organizations are relying on data and analytics to run every aspect of their business ranging from optimizing business

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Decision-Making with Real-time Analytics Platform for Business Leaders

By Innominds In Big Data & Analytics Posted

By 2023, more than 33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence, including decision modelling – Gartner Data-driven businesses are finding ways to utilize the gargantuan amount of data that is collected from their interactions with IoT devices, social networking platforms, industrial equipment, manufacturing work processes, etc.

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4 Solutions to Become a Resilient Business Through Effective Risk Management in Uncertain Times

By Siri Appaneni In Big Data & Analytics Posted

Risk is one area, which is inevitable in any business, but then, as times are changing, rather than avoiding risk, companies are investing in how to detect, analyze and take preventive measures to manage their risks better.

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How AI Helps In Precision Agriculture, Connected Farm Experience & Better Crop Yield

By Ravi Kumar Meduri In Big Data & Analytics Posted

The global Precision Farming/Agriculture market was valued at USD 5.3 Billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 14.1 Billion by the year 2026, at a CAGR of 12.7% (Source: Reports and Data)

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Auto Selection of Convolutional Neural Networks Using Reinforcement Learning

Introduction The Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), one of the deep learning models, has seen a lot of success in a variety of computer vision applications. The current approach of deciding a CNN architecture and tuning the hyperparameters of it is either decided by heuristics or by trial and error.

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Handling Large Data Ingestions to Neo4J Using AKKA

Introduction Neo4J is one of the most popular graph databases. But, unfortunately, ingesting large volumes of data take a lot of time as Neo4J tries to acquire lock on nodes before it creates/updates a node.

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The Data Asset: Building A Unified View Of Your Data & How It Matters

Every piece of data has its own strength and we increase its value through unified systems. These unified systems act as an enabler for data availability, thereby, resulting in smarter business decisions.

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The challenges in developing platforms and devices in the era of Connected Devices and IoT

Overview: Innominds recently hosted a dinner series where all the industry leaders from big data joined together to discuss the impact of big data; It’s shortcomings and to lay a future roadmap on how product companies should structure their big data solution.

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Cloud or Not: Facts to Partner Profiling

By Prashanth Reddy In Big Data & Analytics Posted

Cloud migration is a substantial decision with no "one-size-fits-all" solution. Your business is very unique, and so should be your cloud migration plan. Your plan certainly needs to be tailored to suit the unique nature of your business so as not to fall into a trap of failure, as we see many companies doing once they start on migration. As we all are aware, cloud migration is not as easy as

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