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Venkata Ratna Sowri Kumar Nimmakayala
 Innomids blog author - Venkata Ratna Sowri Kumar Nimmakayala
Venkata Ratna Sowri Kumar Nimmakayala - Principal Engineer - Quality Engineering

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Benefits of using APM Tools in Performance Testing

Performance Testing of any application involves identifying bottlenecks related to infrastructure, network, code level issues and server resource utilization among others. A continuous and thorough monitoring of all the above aspects will not only help in identifying reasons for performance bottlenecks but also assist in performance engineering of the application providing insights into code

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5 Tips for an Effective Mobile Application Performance Testing

If we test the mobile applications the same way we test the traditional web applications, it will surely lead to many performance issues when real world users access the application. This is potentially because the user experience on mobile applications is affected altogether by some unique factors when compared to the web applications. Hence the strategy for mobile performance testing should be

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