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Practical Applications of Blockchain in Enterprise Security Management

By Innominds In Blockchain Posted

More and more businesses are looking to apply blockchain technology in data management and information security. Blockchain allows the management of records of contractual information over a system or application that has a distributed network of participants. The unique and trustworthy format of the system allows for businesses to collate and collaborate without fear of tampering of data from

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Intelligent Supply Chains: Effectively Manage Logistics for COVID-19 Vaccines Using Microsoft Azure IOT, AI, Cloud, Smart Connectivity and Edge Analytics

Advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain, edge computing and computer vision are helping address the need for real-time data for efficient and reliable cold chain warehousing and transportation. Now that Pfizer and BioNtech, and Moderna have announced successful trials of their COVID-19 vaccines, the anticipated challenges in the distribution of vaccines has highlighted one of the biggest

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Securing Ethereum Wallet With Multisig

By Durga Prasad Moganty In Blockchain Posted

What Is Ethereum Wallet? An Ethereum Wallet is a Cryptocurrency Wallet used on Ethereum Blockchain to store digital assets/tokens and to transfer assets/tokens from one wallet to the other.

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Developing Blockchain Application Is No Different From The Current Software Development

By Narendranath Reddy Thota In Blockchain Posted

Hey there, soon-to-be Blockchain experts! We’ve simplified the intricacies of Blockchain in this post for our readers. Read on.

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