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Srikanth Voonna
 Innomids blog author - Srikanth Voonna
Principal Engineer - Software Engineering

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Social Login Using 'Sign-in with Apple'

By Srikanth Voonna In Mobility Posted

Apple has introduced a fast and easy way to sign-in to your applications or websites with its ID. Instead of filling out lengthy forms, verifying email addresses and choosing/remembering new passwords, one can use 'Sign-in with Apple' to set up an account and start using its application. One can implement this functionality in all variants of the application running on native, web and other

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Dark Mode Implementation for macOS and iOS

By Srikanth Voonna In Mobility Posted

From macOS 10.14 and iOS 13 onwards, Apple has introduced a new type of appearance called Dark Mode. Users can choose or schedule system-level appearances from settings and can adapt to our application with minimal development changes. In this blog, we would be exploring and explaining the different aspects of the application that a developer needs to take care of while adapting Dark Mode or

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