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Low-Code Platforms Are All Set to Revolutionize Application Development for Large and Small Enterprises

Software development without coding was a concept unheard of prior to the introduction of low code and no code application development platforms that took the centre stage in the next big list of development inventions for the decade. Low code was recently listed on Forbes as one of “Nine Software Development Trends In 2021 To Watch For Now”.

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How NLP-based Cognitive Capabilities of AI Chatbots Increase Business Interactivity

By Innominds In Platforms and Solutions Posted

As conversational AI technologies gain traction, they substitute hard processes, becoming valuable assets to businesses that are seeking to gain a competitive advantage among peers. Automated processes reduce the burden on employees in every office space by taking away the most time-consuming and mundane activities that plug creativity.

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5 ways in which low-code is transforming the banking business landscape

While the pandemic is raging in the world currently, businesses stand the danger of a rapid decline in financial stability and inability to maintain critical revenue generating assets. In the past year, many businesses have inculcated more digital aspects in their customer facing activities in order to sustain themselves. The banking sector has faced a similar setback, since people forewent major

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How Conversational AI Creates New Business Avenues for Enterprises and ISVs

By Innominds In Solutions Posted

As businesses are growing, serving customer queries is no longer restricted to direct and personal employee interactions but has instead moved to digital channels through interactive displays and service chat bots.

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Cloud-Native Application Testing: Why it is Critical for Your Business?

By Innominds In Quality Engineering Posted

For every organization, innovation and resilience is the only thing that keeps them motivated to keep going amidst a global pandemic.

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Why Multicloud Adoption Implies Long-term Value Instead of Lowered IT Spend

By Innominds In Cloud & DevOps Posted

In the absence of a planned cloud strategy, adopting a multicloud approach may lead to higher spending. A long-term value vs cost perspective will help enterprises realize higher benefits.

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Introduction to LiveData in Android

By Manimala Gudi In Mobility Posted

Application users expect UI components to respond interactively with the changes and updates in related data for a more interactive and dynamic usage experience. Such changes to the UI make application interaction attractive to a wider audience profile and leaves customers satisfied with a brand’s experience.

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Essential Strategies to Overcome IoT Automation Testing Challenges

By Innominds In Quality Engineering Posted

IoT application testing is an essential part of smart device development. Just like any other system, the IoT systems have to work seamlessly well in the desired environment during their deployment. Hence, it demands rigorous testing as they are often deployed in heterogenous application platforms with various infrastructural dependencies. The devices are also mostly located far from any

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Optimizing Initial Webpage Load and SEO with Server-Side Rendering

Very few developers concentrate their web building efforts on the client experience or the overall organizational marketing strategies. In order to bring up your website on a search result, you need to make some changes to the website through some best practices during the development for optimal page load time.

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Combining the Strength of Cloud with Edge Computing

By Innominds In Cloud Posted

Centralized servers were established as the be all and end all of computing until it started to change as this form of computing is costly, hard to scale and resource intensive. Cloud computing emerged as the most flexible model of computing that could cater to a wider range of networking requirements. But computing needs have grown to the peripherals of the network with devices called as edge

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