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Low-Code, No-Code is Driving Customer Experience in Retail with Quick Application Delivery

By Innominds

Retailers especially Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) firms have always recognized technology as an essential component for business growth. In the aftermath of the pandemic which has severely impacted the supply chain and logistics, digitization has become more important than ever. From what we buy to where, why, and how we buy, customer journey and behavior went through significant changes

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AppOps: A New Buzzword or a Revolution in DevOps?

By Innominds In Cloud & DevOps Posted

DevOps is a growing field in the IT world today. DevOps helps the IT infrastructure become adept and respond quickly to the changing demands of the fast-paced world. The idea of DevOps revolutionized the application delivery pipelines for a lot of organizations. But there are a lot of organizations that are still struggling through their DevOps journey. According to a study, over 50% of the

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How Secure and Scalable are Low-Code Platforms?

By Innominds In Rapid Application Development Posted

Gone are those days when organizations had to either invest money in traditional extensive programming for application development or settle for off-the-shelf software. With the tremendous increase in the number of app users, application development has become a high-priority task. Owing to this, low-code platforms are revolutionizing application development and helping organizations speed up the

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Cloud Migration and Management to be the Core of Enterprise Strategy for Future Organizations

By Innominds In Cloud & DevOps Posted

The global pandemic has seen more and more enterprises, independent of their size, shifting their strategies to the cloud, reinventing their services and offerings, becoming more cost-efficient and agile to achieve improved efficiency and performance.

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Innominds at CB Insights Future of Fintech 2021

Over the years, Fintech has grown up and grown out. From being just a back-office support function in banks to becoming a basic requirement for all businesses today, Fintech has evolved and has been rapidly adopted worldwide. According to the Global Fintech Adoption Index, the adoption of Fintech doubled every two years in the last decade. From 2015 to 2019, the Fintech industry grew from 16% to

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Efficient Test Cases for Redux-Saga

By Mahesh Jawadi

Redux Saga is a middleware library that lets the Redux store interact with resources outside of itself asynchronously. It also handles asynchronous logic in applications. For example, Ajax calls, logging, accessing browsers local storage. It is also responsible for executing the effects that are yielded from a saga. While updating the store, most of the logic is handled by the saga and it adds

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Innominds at Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate 2021

By Innominds In Connected Devices & IoT Posted

Until recently, city leaders thought of technology as a tool to increase efficiency behind the scenes. But as more and more tech leaders join the smart city vision, technology is now slowly getting injected directly into the lives of city residents. Today we have all the essential information about our surroundings like transit, traffic, health services, safety alerts, and community news right on

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Why More and More Businesses are Adopting AI-Driven Quality Engineering to Deliver Impeccable Customer Experience

By Innominds In Quality Engineering Posted

In the tech-driven world, customers’ expectations are changing dramatically. To keep ahead of the competition, organizations must be agile enough to respond ceaselessly across all the channels to these ever-increasing expectations, that are often driven by an individual’s experience in using technology in everyday life.

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The Next Big Thing in Cloud Adoption: Low-Cost Serverless Computing with AWS Lambda for Continuous Scaling

By Innominds In Cloud & DevOps Posted

The worries of scaling up resources or managing operations should never get in the way of focusing on business important tasks for any successful enterprise. But when managing the server space, allocating resources, and overlooking the security have to go hand-in-hand with regular business, companies have to expend additional resources, whether it be personnel, money, or time. Naturally,

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Hacking Aggregates in OutSystems

By Goldy Lukka In Rapid Application Development Posted

OutSystems automatically offers basic CRUD methods for accessing the data, and you can develop your own aggregates. OutSystems displays a preview of the fetched data so you can see how modifications affect the outcomes right away.

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