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Create YouTube Player in ReactJS — Part 2

By Nabendu Kumar Biswas In Design UX & UI Posted

Welcome to the second part of the blog. Let’s start from where we left in part one, but first add Bootstrap to our project so that it looks good. Add this in index.html in the head part.

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Create YouTube Player in ReactJS —  Part 1

By Nabendu Kumar Biswas In Design UX & UI Posted

My journey with React started more than a year ago. I was already doing web-development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the past seven years. Later, I completed the Freecodecamp front end certification, too. React came like a cool kid in front end development, which was a must at the time. So, I jumped into the bandwagon and purchased "Modern React with Redux" by Stephen Grider and learnt a

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Work Seamlessly on Different Devices Using iOS Handoff Feature

By Varahala Babu Doddi In Mobility Posted

Introduction Handoff is an iOS feature that is used to transfer user activity from one device to another device associated with the same user. For example, if the user is logged into multiple devices and is reading documents on a device, user can continue with another device without having to configure anything. It will ensure smooth continuity of the application with multiple devices. Handoff

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Realizing Digital Transformation Through Robotic Process Automation

By Venkata Sujatha Tokala In Quality Engineering Posted

In the current business environment, all companies are thriving to go digital. All departments and functions of organizations are being digitalized to reduce dependency on physical infrastructure. Organizations can accomplish their business goals and objectives by including Cloud technologies in their process. In this context, Robotic Bots can save time and have cost benefits. Software robots,

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Invoice Processing – Automation and Transformation

By Siri Appaneni In Solutions Posted

Invoice Processing has traditionally been one of the top manual time and cost consuming jobs in any organization. Every day, invoices worth billions are processed and accounts payable is one process which mid to large size companies cannot avoid. Additionally, one has to go through each and every email, download invoices, verify and extract the data manually and finally, process it for payments.

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Accelerated Web Accessibility Testing: Essential Elements Needed for a Successful Accessible Test Strategy

By Praveen Kumar Miriyala In Quality Engineering Posted

While getting around in the physical and virtual world for accessing information, many of us, quite often take Accessibility for granted. Accessibility implies that every person, irrespective of their condition, should be able to gain and have complete access to all the amenities that life has to offer (e.g. internet/web, transport system, roads, paths, entry points, exit points, etc.).

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Innominds Mobility Embraces Flutter for Rapid Prototyping of Mobile Apps

By Naresh Kumar Devalapally In Mobility Posted

Flutter is the new and upcoming cross platform mobile application development platform built and supported by Google. With the increasing number of cross-platform solutions in the market like Xamarin, React Native and now Flutter, we, at Innominds, have updated our skills for our internal proof of concepts (POCs) and advocating them to our customers, as and when required.

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Method Swizzling in iOS Development

By Aruna Kumari Yarra In Mobility Posted

Method Swizzling is the ability to change the functionality of an existing selector/method at runtime.

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Top 5 Ways to Develop Quality Solutions and Nip Bugs at the Root

How to ensure and develop quality solutions and nip the bugs at the root is an aft discussed problem across product and service companies. Below, is my take on the processes that needs to be followed to ensure quality.

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Persistent Storage Options in iOS

By Deepthi Muramshetty In Mobility Posted

With the advent of powerful hardwares, capabilities of mobile OS is increasing at a fast pace. In fact, mobiles currently deliver better results than normal computer devices.

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