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User Interaction On Notifications Made Simple and Flexible With Rich Notifications In iOS

By Krishna Prakash Narasannagari In Mobility Posted

Introduction Notifications have become trendier with the new visual refresh in iOS 10. As part of a new framework, Apple has introduced new features that help us make notifications that contain images, sound and video.

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Introduction to Xamarin.Forms Custom Renderers

By Kishore Kumar Vangala In Mobility Posted

Introduction to Custom Renderers Xamarin assists in delivering native Android, iOS and Windows apps with a single shared .NET codebase. However, controls look different on different platforms. Example: TextBox as shown below Xamarin.Forms exposes a complete cross-platform UI Toolkit for .NET developers. This UI Toolkit renders UI controls as per native platform design. When someone is developing

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WKWebview to Native Code Interaction

By Naresh Kumar Devalapally In Mobility Posted

Often in times, during the development of an iOS or Mac based application, developers come across situations where the app needs to interact in some way with a webpage that is being loaded. This is not equivalent to loading a REST API but actual loading of a web page within the application. Though there have been other components within iOS (UIWebview) and Mac (WebView) separately in the past,

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Automatic Build Generation for Android / iOS Builds and Uploading to HockeyApp through Script File

By Sathish Kumar Kondi In Mobility Posted

Xamarin Automatic Build Generation for Deployment Xamarin lets you deliver native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with a single shared .NET code base.

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MVP Design Pattern for Android

By Srirama Chandra Murthy Garimella In Mobility Posted

An android app in its life time goes through numerous change cycles, app upgrades with many features addition/removal. Incorporating these over a period creates chaos in your application code if it is not designed well. This is why we should use an architecture pattern. By applying architectural patterns to your mobile code base, you can significantly reduce bugs, build fragile code, making code

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Accelerate Your Test Cycles Using Service Virtualization

By Venkata Sujatha Tokala In Quality Engineering Posted

Developers and testers are tasked with releasing software in short cycles. This demands continuous development and testing. This also means software must be developed and tested in tandem to achieve the ideal requirement. But not all parts of the software can be developed and tested simultaneously. Some components may not be ready yet or even accessible on time to enable continuous development

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Steps to Upload Xamarin Package (Library) to NuGet

By Karthikeya Koppuravuri In Mobility Posted

Xamarin assists in delivering native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with a single shared .NET code base. Xamarin tools are available for download on Visual Studio and one can directly create Android, iOS and Windows apps from Visual Studio. Most of the common codes are written in C#; hence, one doesn't need to be well versed in Java, Objective‐ C or Swift to build apps, if they know C#. If you

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The Evolutionary Journey of ‘Harmony’ – The Next Generation Test Automation Accelerator

By Dharma Sagar Pathaneni In Quality Engineering Posted

How it all started? The current test automation world is undergoing a sea change. Unlike today, earlier, there was no accuracy and back then ‘test harness’ was missing due to the lack of an integrated management system in place. But, in the current trend, where new gadgets and devices are coming up every day and with users accessing your website or applications from a variety of devices, real app

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Realm For Ninja Mobile Developers

By Karthikeya Koppuravuri In Mobility Posted

There has been a rush in the number of databases on the server side with several projects kicking off every quarter to rival old databases and to innovate new features. But the real issue is, how many of these databases can actually run on mobile, tablets and wearables, because they were never designed for this environment in the first place.

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Developing Blockchain Application Is No Different From The Current Software Development

By Narendranath Reddy Thota In Blockchain Posted

Hey there, soon-to-be Blockchain experts! We’ve simplified the intricacies of Blockchain in this post for our readers. Read on.

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