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The Next Big Thing in Cloud Adoption: Low-Cost Serverless Computing with AWS Lambda for Continuous Scaling

By Innominds In Cloud & DevOps Posted

The worries of scaling up resources or managing operations should never get in the way of focusing on business important tasks for any successful enterprise. But when managing the server space, allocating resources, and overlooking the security have to go hand-in-hand with regular business, companies have to expend additional resources, whether it be personnel, money, or time. Naturally,

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Hacking Aggregates in OutSystems

By Goldy Lukka In Rapid Application Development Posted

OutSystems automatically offers basic CRUD methods for accessing the data, and you can develop your own aggregates. OutSystems displays a preview of the fetched data so you can see how modifications affect the outcomes right away.

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Innominds Implements Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) for an Enhanced Blockchain Development Framework

By Innominds In Cloud & DevOps Posted

Market-ready solutions from the Innominds' DevOps team enables CI/CD implementation for secure public and private Blockchain transactions framework While working on a large software development project with multiple people working on different parts of the code, the process of integrating branches of code into the mainline/trunk gets pushed to the end. This makes the code integration extremely

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Why DevOps-as-a-Service (DaaS) makes a world of difference to companies that move to the cloud during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Innominds In Cloud & DevOps Posted

The Innominds story about how a global hardware manufacturing company maintained business continuity with 100% uptime through DevOps services and multicloud deployments 

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How AI is Powering the Digital Next Initiatives in Healthcare & Medtech Organizations

By Sairamprabhu Vedam In Big Data & Analytics Posted

The healthcare system across the world is going through unprecedented pressure due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is still unknown when the world will return to full recovery. This makes it more difficult for hospitals, health systems, and healthcare staff to find a solution on how to reduce pressure in the future.

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How Innominds Tested 9 Releases of a Cloud-Based Digital Workforce Product by Delivering 100% Test Execution

By Innominds In Quality Engineering Posted

Innominds supported over 9 releases of a global digital workforce management product. Our testing team performed comprehensive Quality Engineering (QE) with testing process automation for successful releases. 

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Low Code in Insurance Taps into Wider Customer Base with Quick App Delivery

By Sairamprabhu Vedam In Platforms and Solutions Posted

The insurance industry is confronted with a unique challenge in addressing multi-generational gaps in policy demands and the supply of solutions to meet those demands. The demand from the young generations is not rising to the expected levels, while the companies struggle to supply digital infrastructure to meet any future demands. Such untapped potential in catering to customers could result in

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80% Reduction in Testing Efforts for A VR Gaming Platform from Innominds’ Test Automation Labs

By Innominds In QA, Quality Engineering Posted

Game testing is a specialized skill that requires diverse tests to be performed in order to meet complex architectural needs and recent emergent compliance rules in game development. The number of elements interacting with each other inside a game is large, so identifying and testing them takes up a large chunk of the time and effort of test engineers. 

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An Overview into Innominds’ Top 10 Industrialized AI Solutions for Enterprises

By Innominds In Big Data & Analytics Posted

Making data useful is an essential part of driving decisions for enterprises. The measure of successful business productivity and adaptability lies in utilizing dormant data in the face of rapid changes. Empowering the front-line of business through AI and analytics will create ample opportunities for growth and long-term stability.‘

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Build a Simple App Using Final Space API in ReactJS

By Nabendu Kumar Biswas In App Development Posted

Welcome to a new React JS project, where we are going to build a simple app using Final Space API. So, fire up your terminal and create a new react app final-space-react with the below command.

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