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Learn Why Your Technology Toolkit Needs a Low Code Platform Upgrade!

By Innominds,

Low Code Platform

Realizing that software development can be complex and costly and there just aren’t enough developers, businesses have come to deal with the fact that they can’t build everything themselves. Think of it this way, in any typical enterprise there is a need for a multitude of business-enhancing applications that would require full-stack development and an off-the-shelf version isn’t available or requires customization or is too complex, or is too expensive.

Consider a bank that wants to introduce a locker management system for branch operations managers as a web application. The application requires a user interface with input for locker ID and on entering it must retrieve locker holders' data such as Government ID numbers and photographs to verify their identity, the number of times the locker has been operated to verify if the free-access limit has been met, and any other details. All this data is stored at the back end in the databases and CRUD APIs are used for interaction between the front end and the back end. Once the application is built, it is tested thoroughly to ensure that even the edge use cases are working as expected. The application is then deployed only to the branches that offer locker facilities.

Every business problem that needs a solution involves building a few common technology blocks.

  • Creating a user interface
  • Dealing with databases and backend services
  • Gluing the front end and back end with APIs
  • Integrating with external services
  • Configuring and maintaining app artifacts
  • Testing the application functionality
  • Deploying to an environment of choice

Application Development Lifecycle

You don’t need to waste your development teams’ time on building these capabilities from scratch. Low code application development tools come to the rescue with an environment for developers to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

Innominds’ low code app development platform, iSymphonyTM, is built specifically targeting the captive and client needs of ISVs and enterprises to deliver applications with markedly reduced time and improved quality. It accelerates processes across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with automatic generation of standards-based code, open and flexible APIs, cloud-native and microservices-based architecture, and one-click deployment.

The platform quickly transforms business requirements into next-gen applications, improving business agility and fostering innovation. It differentiates itself from the rest of the low code platforms by following a no vendor lock model with no proprietary standards, no data locks for the end customer, and no platform/language restrictions.

Widens the spectrum of technology access and accelerates delivery

iSymphonyTM is based on the principles of model-driven design, automatic code generation, and visual programming. It provides digital assets such as widgets, templates, and components for fast-paced application development. It empowers non-technical developers to create apps for their business needs without having to write code. It eases professional developers’ life by abstracting tedious infrastructure and other supporting and system software provisioning tasks required before application development.

Reduces time to benefit and provides scalability through a SaaS-based model

iSymphonyTM low code SaaS platform lowers the initial cost and time for setup, enabling business users and IT to build applications in record time. It allows seamless customer onboarding with a fully guided self-service experience, multi-tenancy with tenant management, and enhanced security. It also enables multi-tenancy for the applications generated using iSymphonyTM and secures apps with authentication and authorization features such as role-based and permission-based access control.


How iSymphonyTM gets the job done

The platform builds modern apps for the future with the right architectural and technology choices. It covers multiple facets of application development and delivery such as front-end and back-end code development, integrations, testing, and deployment with cloud and on-premises as hosting environments.

iSymphony - Low Code Application Development Platform
  • UI Modeler

    iSymphonyTM provides an interface for the user to create web pages, set the layout of the pages, and define the hierarchy of pages in the app. It provides a designer canvas with an option to drag-n-drop the required widgets from a library based on themes. Users can define the properties related to style, security, and interaction of the web page from the interface itself without having to code manually. The platform enables the dynamic display of the data on the webpage by allowing to bind the widget values to data sources like API or CRUD and vice versa. It provides the user with an instant preview option to have an idea of how the app is shaping up. 
  • Database

    iSymphonyTM supports multiple database server types such as DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. It allows you to connect to an existing database server and derive data models or create a new database. Using the platform database features, users can model the entity relationships between tables visually. Once the logical data model is ready, users can push the changes back to the physical database that it is connected to. Similarly, any changes in the physical data model can be propagated back to the logical data model as well.
  • Integrations with web services

    A web service is an application or data source that is accessible via a standard web protocol (HTTP, HTTPS, WS, WSS). Some 3rd party services like Twilio, Slack, and Maps are exposed through web service API through the REST. Through iSymphonyTM, users can easily and visually configure these web services and integrate them into the app.
  • Accelerators for managing app artifacts

    iSymphonyTM provides a user interface to configure accelerators for managing app artifacts like version control, continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD), security, and more. The platform has an inbuilt accelerator marketplace through which you can create and manage accelerators for all your applications.
  • Deployment pipelines based on profiles

    iSymphony allows users to deploy onto the AWS and Azure cloud environments by configuring any number of instances through a 1-click deployment option. Additionally, different personas like Dev and QA teams need different operational environments. iSymphonyTM allows users to define such environment profiles and deploy the apps respectively into any infrastructure.
  • Proficient, performant, and modularized code

    iSymphonyTM follows 12-factor and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) app principles that create high-quality, advanced-security, and clutter-free code similar to human-generated code. This eliminates the need for professionals to review the generated code.


All these features empower iSymphonyTM to deliver impeccable productivity. On average, the platform accelerates delivery by 35-40% with 25% less cost when compared to traditional application development. For example, a cybersecurity services company developed a new SaaS platform 40% faster and at 30% less cost than budgeted using iSymphonyTM. A large battery maker saved over 320 person-hours for developing a new application using iSymphonyTM.

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