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Steps to Upload Xamarin Package (Library) to NuGet

By Karthikeya Koppuravuri In Mobility Posted

Xamarin assists in delivering native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with a single shared .NET code base. Xamarin tools are available for download on Visual Studio and one can directly create Android, iOS and Windows apps from Visual Studio. Most of the common codes are written in C#; hence, one doesn't need to be well versed in Java, Objective‐ C or Swift to build apps, if they know C#. If you

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Realm For Ninja Mobile Developers

By Karthikeya Koppuravuri In Mobility Posted

There has been a rush in the number of databases on the server side with several projects kicking off every quarter to rival old databases and to innovate new features. But the real issue is, how many of these databases can actually run on mobile, tablets and wearables, because they were never designed for this environment in the first place.

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Stack Views in iOS

By Krishna Prakash Narasannagari In Mobility Posted

Introduction Apple Inc, introduced a powerful feature Stack Views from IOS 9, XCode 7 to make developer's life easy while creating UI. Using Stack Views, we can arrange all UI objects in either Rows or Column.

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Eleven Must Have Tools for Better Programming in Android

By Karthikeya Koppuravuri In Mobility Posted

Are you a good programmer? Is there always a person who can code better and faster than you? Maybe you should realign the way you code! Here are some of the tools that can make your life easy and significantly improve your quality of code and time! You can now deliver better in less time.

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