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Robotic Process Automation – A Boon to Healthcare Sector

By Sindoora Akula,

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been instrumental in leveraging many innovations ranging from application testing to work process robotization. It empowers a virtual workforce that works faster than a human, has an error free execution with no human interference or supervision and can work as per the schedules. The system is also capable of logging the virtual actions by which operational measurements can be firmly followed.

RPA goes a long way as far as healthcare is concerned. It helps medical service suppliers lessen their expenses & yield proficiency, and contributes towards increasing the quality of patient care.

Given the challenges encountered by various sectors in the medical industry vis-a-vis patients and professional specialists, insurance agencies RPA can be looked up as a solution to streamline and unfold the finesse. The common challenges that the industry is encountering today are:

  • Increase in Healthcare Cost: As people strive to live longer and healthier with an active lifestyle, healthcare concerns increase and so does the costs associated with it. This causes a huge concern for healthcare executives as they seek to provide coverage for their employees & consider helping them train staff members, open public information sites or labs for processing paperwork and other initiatives. Innominds has extensively focused on resolving such challenges by integrating with various legacy systems verifying patient records, checking their eligibility, co-pays and deductibles - all in a matter of few seconds, screen scraping and extracting outstanding payment data from various hospital systems and creating interfaces to display the outstanding payments.
  • Changing Demographics: Human services or the healthcare services are evolving drastically to meet the rise in patient needs, annually. However, the staffing levels are not able to keep up with the pace, which emphasizes on the need for more efficient & accurate processes that help in meeting up this challenge. Innominds RPA COE has built a strong solution in resolving the staffing challenges by providing 100 % accuracy and minimizes the error impacting in lower business cost and reap better Returns on Investment.
  • Ability to Encounter Customer & Efficiency: Patients have become more conscious about their healthcare needs owing to the awareness through various social media channels.
  • Provide Better Customer Experience: Healthcare companies are now investing in building mobile apps where they could photograph their time card or transcribe the information digitally and send it to the payroll department. RPA could automate the process of transferring that picture or text to the healthcare company’s payment processing system.
  • RPA is playing a key role in establishing a human services framework, which caters to the needs of changing the social insurance industry while re-establishing the harmony between patients and doctors. With the advent of AI, RPA has opened many possibilities to address the challenges of healthcare industry.

As hospitals attempt to cut costs, improve effectiveness and drive excellence in nurturing patients, there are numerous features of RPA that play a vital role in accomplishing these objectives:

  • Income Cycles: RPA, in the healthcare industry, would work wonders for the back-office functions & administrative processes by automating the time consuming & repetitive mundane processes such as data digitization & accounts. It aids in improving the billing efficiency & reduction of worthless assets. Additionally, RPA is advantageous in developing medical records required for investigation and to summarize patient's condition and reaction.
  • Savings on Labor: Automation would replace manually intensive task with machines specific jobs & can be a time saver. It emphasizes on evangelizing the effort spent on redundant tasks to be utilized in performing higher functional roles by creating a complex bot. As per a study done by a hospital in Texas, greater automation in areas of medical records decision making resulted in less deaths, complications & cost.
  • Data Insights: Automation processes can deliver an abundance of data in a continuous feedback loop that can be used for performance improvement and optimization. With every cycle, automation systems will collect data on how the process is working and this can be used to improve the program. This way, it becomes more efficient, accurate and adds to the team’s workload.
Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare sector

RPA is putting forth the blend of advance technology & helping the healthcare experts handle the work with less stress by addressing the major challenges. Continuous innovation and integration bestowed by opening doors to better streamlining forms, brings in more revenue, increases effectiveness, and significantly focuses on the quality of patient care.

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Sindoora Akula

Sindoora Akula

Sindoora Akula - Associate Manager - Quality Engineering

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