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Digital Transformation (DX) Is Moving...Moving Toward a DX Economy

By Cami Zimmer,

Long ago, back around 2007, we all were introduced to the 3rd Platform, with cloud as its core and solutions that offered anytime, anyplace access to application functionality. The platform was built on the technology pillars of mobile computing, cloud services, big data and analytics and social networking.

Since then, the rapid adoption of the 3rd Platform technologies has moved into the “Innovation Stage”, adding in innovation and transformation. And now we enter ---the digital transformation (DX) phase.

Digital innovation and transformation

Frank Gens, Senior VP and Chief Analyst at IDC, claimed that in 2016 and 2017, two-thirds of Global 2000 CEO’s will put DX at the center of their growth and profitability strategies. Further, he stated that by the end of this decade, the percentage of enterprises with advanced DX strategies and implementations will more than double. (Source: IDC)

It’s time to embrace this change than regret it later.

To be successful, your engagement into DX needs a kick-start with a consultative approach to clearly define goals and outcomes. More importantly It has to be driven in a top-down approach with the involvement of all the key stakeholders to create a greater business value and a sustainable model.

Industries such as energy, transportation and health care have been very slow at implementing digital transformation processes.

Companies are finding it difficult to kick-start that change and this unpreparedness could result in huge losses in the future since outdated methods like observing the market until making a decision do not work to an enterprise’s best interests.

At Innominds, we believe it’s time your start the “digitALL” change. And we are there to help.

We have been successful helping companies just like yours with their digital transformation needs. Contact us today to learn how we can turn your DX economy into a success!

DX growth and profitability strategies


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Cami Zimmer

Cami Zimmer

Head of Corporate Communications and North America Events

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