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To Outsource Or Not Outsource Management of Your APIs?

By Cami Zimmer,

Outsourcing your APIs means working with a team of experts who can help plan for scalability issues and who may be able to offer alternate solutions. Have you often wondered when companies look to partners like Innominds for API management?

In the past, it was enough for an IT department to focus on product delivery. It didn't matter if that product was for a company’s internal use or was part of a solution for their customers. The end product involved the user interacting with it only via a predetermined interface.  Enter code sharing.

Outsource management of APIs

In 2005, a developer named Paul Rademacher reverse-engineered the JavaScript on Google Maps and used its private API to create his own application to plot Craigslist listings on a personal map. This is generally recognized as the Web's first mashup and is an important event in the history of public APIs. (Read more here).

It opened a desire for developers to disassemble anything they thought was useful. The owners of these applications soon realized that offering public APIs was an incredible opportunity to increase their market share -- even if the path to monetizing those APIs was not immediately clear.

Enter Today - and the Need For API Management

Jumping to 2016+, we know, and see, a need to not only address API management, but also succeed at it. And there are many ways to address this, including outsourcing your API management to a company like Innominds.

Why outsource your API Management, you ask?

Pretty much for the same reason any development effort would be outsourced:

  • Your don’t have the In-house expertise available. It’s important to remember that of an API are developers, making them a special class of customer with their own special requirements. When it comes to monetizing and marketing an API, it helps to have a partner like Innominds with experience.
  • The infrastructure to scale to the API just isn't there. In a perfect world, you see your API become very successful and notice the system has overloaded because of this success (not a bad problem to have in some aspects!). An API management partner like Innominds can help plan for scalability issues and may offer solutions.

Now is the time to start thinking and planning. Contact us today to inquire about our success stories with API Management and how we have helped companies just like yours succeed and win!

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Cami Zimmer

Cami Zimmer

Head of Corporate Communications and North America Events

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