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Strata + Hadoop. And Innominds

By Cami Zimmer,

Leaders of the Big Data and analytics industry gathered last month in New York for the Strata + Hadoop World conference. Over 7,000 people attended the event where keynote speakers, including White House chief data scientist DJ Patil, laid out their visions for where machine learning, analytics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and smart cities will be taking us in the near future. This year’s event truly confirmed that streaming real-time analytics has moved into the mainstream of data science. It is quickly becoming a reality.

To feed of the excitement of this event, we portray our own solutions in the industry. We are proud of the fact that we have the experience and expertise in providing managed services including set up, development and support from onsite and remote on several Hadoop or Big Data distributions.

Hadoop Managed Service Experience You Can Trust

Innominds has 50+ engineers both onsite and offshore, building and managing Big Data environments for our enterprise customers. We have successful experience in projects ranging from developing Hadoop clusters and establishing data pipelines to retrieving variegated data and running descriptive/predictive analytics use cases on the cluster.

We also have experience maintaining the clusters from running jobs, capacity planning and adding more nodes, monitoring cluster activity, release management, performance tuning, issue resolution, troubleshooting and running administrative activities.

Innominds’ Unique & Experienced Capabilities

Our Hadoop experience is built upon years of success in developing, building and managing Big Data environments for our Enterprise customers. Currently, we manage data clusters on a variety of distributions, including Cloudera and Hortonworks, both on-premise, or on a private or public cloud (AWS or Azure).

We have a unique framework called iFusion Analytics that has data virtualization, driving a federated query engine that combines data from multiple sources. iFusion Analytics has a custom connector for Teradata and Greenplum through which a federated query can be run in conjunction with Hadoop. It scales to large data sets of the order of several Terabytes, with analytics abstraction to manage the heterogeneous sources.Building and managing Big Data solutions for our enterprise customers

In addition, Innominds has:

  •  A Video Procession Solution
    We have managed and developed Hadoop clusters on 20+ nodes on AWS
  •  A Sales Intelligence and Analytics Product
    We have developed and managed the on-development cluster of 12 nodes of Cloudera stack on-premise
  • An Email Campaign Management Solution
    We have the experience needed in setting up and managing a Hadoop cluster on Cloudera stack with 20 nodes on-premise

Business Excellence Through Innovation

Innominds also has the experienced talent and technologies to manage migrations that co-exist with other enterprise data warehouse, all built on technologies like the Teradata appliance. And we are working with many clients to move data to/from Teradata to Hadoop, supporting discovery, search and analytics functions on data residing in Teradat and Hadoop.

Innovation. Transformation. Excellence.

Contact us at Innominds for a demo of iFusion or learn more about our experiences. Start capitalizing on your data today!

Topics: Big Data & Analytics, Connected Devices & IoT

Cami Zimmer

Cami Zimmer

Head of Corporate Communications and North America Events

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