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Transformed the QA Function and Increased Test Coverage by 90% for a US-based Distributor of Natural and Whole Foods

Our client wanted to shorten its release cycles and plug the leakage of defects in production. The client had non-standardized practices and there was a lack of accountability for the testing function, resulting in long delays in release cycles, test authoring, and execution. The company suffered from high leakage of defects in production, up to 34%.

Download this case study to know how Innominds:

  • Implemented an end-to-end QA transformation involving both shifting left, shifting right, and using Shift Deep techniques
  • Established a standardized QE centre with clear processes, tools and methodologies, and responsibility criteria
  • Leveraged its home-grown platform—iHarmonyTM—to automate tests across all platforms and used its process asset library to accelerate the QE transformation
  • Achieved 90% test coverage and reduced defect leakages from 34% to 3% resulting in total cost savings of 27%