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Innominds Featured In Silicon India Magazine

Cami Zimmer on October 8, 2014

Susila Govindaraj wrote a great article about Innominds, featured on October 8, 2014 in Silicon India Magazine. To read the full article, click here.

Peter Drucker, a management consultant, educator and author, once said, "The entrepreneur  always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity". Though every technology company is striving to take advantag
e of the multi-billion dollar market potential in big data, analytics and IoT, they grapple with transforming innovation into commercial product. Creating the ideal solution for such revolutionary technology companies is Innominds, a full life-cycle product engineering and management company. Innominds is not just like any other life-cycle product engineering and management company, but an outside-in driven product incubator and strategic partner with focus around the product life-cycle from ideation to MVP to commercialization across markets. The company empowers their clients to expand their business multifold by building products and convergent solutions in new & emerging markets that are relevant to specific markets.


Relevant Market Solutions
Any strategy proposed to client is only after meticulously studying their life cycle stage, requirements and goals. This helps Innominds dedicate their team of over 650 innovators comprised of engineering specialists, domain experts, business savvy product managers and UX focused designers accordingly while their agile execution model complements client's ongoing needs. Innominds invest heavily in R&D on continuous basis which helps them build market relevant solutions with emerging technologies like IoT, big data, cloud, mobility and security in shorter time. "We work with our customers as their product incubator and strategic partners across markets. Nearly half of the enterprise products we helped to develop have become leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in their respective segments," says Divakar Tantravahi, Chairman & CEO, Innominds Software Inc.

Innominds enable their clients to create unique enterprise products by leveraging their experience in developing consumer grade UX and model of design driven development. Apart from building technology (software & hardware platforms), solutions (applications & connected device solutions) and analytics (big data & IoT) for technology companies, Innominds also builds software products that are bundled with the engineering tools of their clients in heavy engineering and industrial tools industry. "Our clients own the direction and we help them pivot faster, and scale with a lot more flexibility. We take ownership of the entire cycle and participate in the scoping of new ideas process - helping our clients move from relevant market ideas to revenues faster," adds Divakar.

Full-Throttle Growth

Though a few product companies in India are still not matured to seek a specialist in product engineering to help them build better products; countless Indian giants have leveraged the maturity and acceleration to product development Innominds bring to table. The company is equipped with several years of industry experiences as each employee of the organization posses not less than eight years of relevant experience.

While the fun work environment relaxes employees to ease into the company in quick time, the exciting content of work that often helps to transform lives offers right balance of challenge and satisfaction. The people in Innominds not only attain the opportunity to work on market relevant technologies but can also explore various roles, as the company is at the point of transformation with respect to scale, nature of work and geographies. By unfurling their maximum potential, the company seeds an entrepreneurial spirit and motivates them to become leaders in engineering, solutions and management functions in shorter time.

As Innominds' growth is at full-throttle, their employees' career also goes through rapid growth. Innominds aim to be the go-to product engineering company across all the stages of client's product life cycle. The company also plans to step up and help to incubate product companies as an engineering investor. Innominds envisions a future where their business is scaled with higher growth percentages than the industry norm.

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Cami Zimmer

Cami Zimmer

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