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Innominds and Clustrix Announce Partnership, Expanding Clustrix into India

Cami Zimmer on June 10, 2015

Clustrix and Innominds Now Offer Indian e-Commerce Merchants a Scalable Database Solution That Helps Businesses With Fewer Website Slowdowns, Outages and Thereby Increased Revenue

Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed to meet the needs of large and fast growing e-commerce sites, today announced a new partnership with Innominds, a full life cycle product engineering and management company. The partnership will expand Clustrix's global presence into India, providing e-commerce merchants with a distributed database optimized for Magento.


"The explosive growth of e-commerce in India presents a tremendous opportunity for Clustrix," said Mike Azevedo, Clustrix CEO. "The partnership with Innominds allows us to expand our reach in this critical market."

E-commerce has grown by 34% (CAGR) in India since 2009 and reached 16.4 billion USD in 2014 and is expected to be in the range of 22 billion USD in 2015. E-commerce merchants in India can use ClustrixDB to ensure they can meet this growing demand without their sites slowing down or crashing. Purpose-built and optimized for e-commerce sites, ClustrixDB reduces the risk of costly slowdowns and outages, ultimately allowing businesses to capture more revenue from more channels. ClustrixDB's scale-out architecture provides continuous support for e-commerce transactions with automated fault-tolerance, even during hardware outages or upgrades to the database.

"We saw a large market opportunity and need for the product in India," said Anil Kumar Katakam, Innominds Partner and Managing Director. "We are excited by the prospect of expanding Clustrix's customer base in India, and to accelerate the continuous development, integration and product quality assurance of ClustrixDB."


Innominds provides design, technology and engineering solutions across all stages of a client's product life cycle. Working with companies across a number of sectors including cloud, mobility, security and big data, Innominds has helped release more than 500 product releases in the past four years.

Anil was also excited to add, "This new partnership with Clustrix will enable Innominds to introduce ClustrixDB to their current customers and also enables Innominds to offer its engineering and analytics solutions with ClustrixDB to new customers in India."

Read the full news release here. Contact us to learn more about our partnership with Clustrix or how we work closely with companies like them.

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Cami Zimmer

Cami Zimmer

Head of Corporate Communications and North America Events

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