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Innominds Along With Interaction Design Foundation Hosts Workshop on UX Design

Ahmed Danish Khan on November 28, 2018

UshaHyderabad, India, 24 November 2018: Innominds, in collaboration with the ‘Interaction Design Foundation,’ organized a design workshop on the topic, “Challenges of Designers in Corporates”. The workshop, which was held on 24th November at Innominds' WaveRock campus, was attended by over 60 designers, design managers and enthusiasts who came from various corporates and exchanged ideas & interacted on the UX ecosystem in today’s design environment. Usha Vikas Patri, Senior Director, Innominds, presided over the event and was the key speaker.

Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) is a leading non-profit, independent educational organization, which produces Open Content and Open Access educational materials online with the stated goal of ‘Democratizing Education’ by making world-class educational materials free for anyone, anywhere. Vijaya Santosh Kumar Chaganti, Heads as a Community Leader & Educational Partner at Hyderabad chapter of the Interaction Design Foundation.

The workshop was engaging in nature with attendees exchanging ideas and thoughts on the roadblocks faced by design teams in the corporate world and ways to solve them. The session was very informative wherein Usha shared her insights on multiple touch points such as the problems faced by designers at the UX maturity level, the design processes, user behavior, and skills & methodologies. She also talked at length on issues such as conflict management, selling the designs and design education apart from invoking thought leadership to relevant stakeholders.

Usha said, “The workshop was quite engaging and interactive. The objective of this workshop was to showcase how designers can work collaboratively, despite coming from various companies, disciplines, mindset, and cultures, with other departments within the organization. We have exemplified as to how integral and important UX is for a successful product design and business growth, deeply touching and impacting every aspect of a business. We interacted, exchanged ideas, and shared the best practices giving a ground-up view of things from a designer’s perspective."

The attendees found this workshop very lively and productive. As Pankthi, a Sr. UX Design Consultant having attended the workshop said, “The workshop went great. It was highly interactive and informative. I really liked the design thinking approach. A lot many topics have been covered at the workshop, even the subject conversations that we normally have at our offices. So, it all has been nicely covered and was very insightful.”


Similarly, Phani Molugu, a UX Designer working for a software company said, “The workshop was very informative, focused and crisp. It made a huge difference to my learning curve. I did not realize how deep the tentacles of UX can go into a business.”

Vijaya Santosh Kumar Chaganti said, “We are glad to conduct this workshop. We collaborate with leading companies in the field of UX design to democratize the learning and best practices. Later, we share the knowledge with the design community. Innominds is one such company that is doing commendable work in design.“

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The session ended with a Q&A session with lots of questions coming from various corners. Most of the attendees felt the need for a similar workshop in future as it would be helpful in keeping them stay abreast with the latest design updates.

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Ahmed Danish Khan

Ahmed Danish Khan

Associate Director - Marketing

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