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Innominds conducts Meetup on ‘NextGen Automation - Dockerized Frameworks, Microservices and Platform Agnostic’

Ahmed Danish Khan on May 29, 2018

Hyderabad, India, 29 May 2018: Innominds, in association with Hyderabad Automation Testing Meetup group, hosted a technical meetup session on ‘NextGen Automation - Dockerized Frameworks, Microservices and Platform Agnostic’ on 26 May, 2018.

The session was hosted by Pinnamaraju Chaitanya, Sr. Architect, QA– Innominds.

IMG-20180526-WA0000The key agenda of the session was to share Innominds’ Test Automation learnings and best practices that help address gaps in current test frameworks. The session gave an insight on test data management, test validations standardisation, dockerizing the frameworks, applying Machine Learning (ML) to predict the future and ways to become platform agnostic. The discussion touched upon various issues in automation practices, code generators, unique API generator and documentation tools like OpenAPI and platform testing tools. The session presented Harmony, Innominds’ Test Automation platform, framework with JavaFX IDE built in-house.

The session talked about ways in which today’s platform/framework agnostic Test Automation processes and tools can help clients cut their Test Automation time & cost significantly.

The meetup explored how Harmony allows one to create, manage and dispose test data effortlessly saving a significant amount of cost and time. A demo about Harmony’s capabilities and benefits was showcased during the session.

The meetup attendee profile included QA and Automation Engineers, QA Managers, DevOps Specialists, Engineering Managers and other Test Automation experts and enthusiasts coming from various IT companies.

The session saw a whole range of questions being asked, suggestions made, and views being exchanged from all corners with respect to Test Automation and with Harmony in focus.

Khaja Moinuddin, organizer of the Hyderabad Automation Testing Meetup group, quipped, "Meetup was quite good. We’d like to have two or three sequel sessions as it gives an end-to-end view of things.” He further added, “It would be great if we can break the subject into small chunks and then go on expanding the specific topic."

Another attendee Chiranjeevi. D responded, “It was a nice interactive session and a great learning experience. Chaitanya gave us a nice walk through and covered the most important aspects of test automation that needs our focus. We are looking forward to a sequel session on this.”

Chaitanya, the speaker of the session, shared his insights by throwing light on a wide range of topics in Test Automation and current industry trends. He touched upon the unique solutions that drive automation at every network, micro-services support for realizing the concept of ‘automation as a microservice’, sophisticated dashboards that ease release management and delivery.

He stressed on the unique advantage an organization can gain by implementing and executing Harmony in terms of saving a significant amount of cost and time, fastening test cycle times and using more than 200 reusable components.


“It was interesting and a great opportunity to meet these test automation enthusiasts. Interacting with them gives us a perspective on things - their views and experiences", he added.

Dharma Sagar Pathineni, Senior Director - Quality Assurance at Innominds, who was overseeing the session said, “It was nice interacting with Test Automation professionals. These interactions and the questions asked at the session truly helps us in broadening the product’s vision and scope and constantly helps to improve our product's capabilities.”

Overall, the session saw a plethora of questions being asked on Test Automation and ideas being exchanged in a friendly, professional atmosphere. Most of the attendees desired for a follow-up meeting on Test Automation and took a deep dive into the topic, thereby gaining more insights about the Test Automation world.


Ahmed Danish Khan

Ahmed Danish Khan

Associate Director - Marketing