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Innominds conducts ‘Microservices using Springboot - Dockerization & Implementing CQRS' Meetup

Ahmed Danish Khan on February 5, 2018

Hyderabad, India - February 3, 2018: Spearing ahead from their previous insightful Technical Brownbag sessions, Innominds in association with the “Hyderabad Software Architects” meetup group, organized a follow-up meetup session 3. The topic for the meetup was ‘Microservices using Springboot - Dockerization & Implementing CQRS'.

IMG_10 meetup.jpg

Advancing further on the same topic the speakers - Chandrasekhar Rao Veerapaneni, Sr. Architect-Software Engineering and Murali Krishna Nallathiga, Architect-Software Engineering, both from Innominds hosted an informational session presenting attendees with hands-on exercises and demos on Dockerization and Implementation of Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS).

What was supposed to be a two-hours session, ended up being a four-hours session, thanks to the attendees’ active engagement, participation and inquisitiveness towards learning the topic. Scores of questions being asked, exchange of ideas took place and with the topic being relatively new and fast evolving, most of the participants were curious about its practical applications and usage at an organizational level.

Shashi Jeevan, organizer of Hyderabad software architects Meetup group opined, “Initially, we did not have an idea and were very curious to know ways in which Microservices would be implemented in various organizations. But after attending Chandra and Murali's session, we were able to learn how it is used and applied in real environments. Looking forward to more such sessions.”

"It was a wonderful session with the speakers providing us with great insights and this session excavated all the nuances involved in Dockerization and CQRS," said Vamsi, one of the participants at the session.

Shankar, another participant, was excited having attended the session. “It was very useful and an excellent session. I really liked it, would like to attend again.”

Alluri, another participant said, "As a beginner, this session has motivated me to learn more and advance my knowledge on Microservices Architecture. This is the first time I’ve come to attend this Meetup.Chandra’s session was very informative and useful.“

It turned out to be an intense four-hours busy session for the speakers. The questions kept pouring from all sides and the speakers were quick to answer all those questions making it an eventful session. 

IMG_3 meetup.jpgChandra Veerapaneni (speaker) opined, “The meetup went really good. As the topic is evolving fast and most of the attendees did not know how it works in real time environment, the attendees have shown lots of interest, making it very interesting and engaging.”

Murali Krishna (co-speaker) who covered the Dockerization part said, “The session went well. There was an active engagement all around in terms of the intensity of discussion and knowledge sharing.”


Topics covered in the meetup:

Dockerization of Microservices

 - How to create docker images of the Microservices

 - Deployment of Docker images in public cloud like AWS leveraging managed services like ECS / EKS

Implementing CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) + Event Sourcing

 - Introduction to CQRS

 - Sample implementation using Axon Framework

 Overall, the session turned out to be very interesting and fruitful where ideas were shared in an informal & friendly atmosphere.

Ahmed Danish Khan

Ahmed Danish Khan

Associate Director - Marketing