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Digital Transformation in healthcare

Innominds, with its strong domain expertise in healthcare, has helped many healthcare and medical companies in the value chain and has assisted them in serving patients better. We have been driving innovation by leveraging our deep understanding and expertise in the healthcare ecosystem by using latest emerging technologies.

Our solutions focus on Preventive Healthcare, Automated Healthcare Systems using Cloud, Field-based Diagnostics, Analytics & Reporting systems, Telematics solutions, delivering Point of Care at patient’s home, Connected Healthcare Management Systems, Predictive Healthcare Solutions, and Public Health Education among others. We develop open, scalable and intelligent healthcare platforms connecting the various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Our Expertise and Capabilities in Healthcare Sector

Innominds solutions provide unmatched operational intelligence of service infrastructure, which is necessary for the optimization of digital transformation initiatives while simultaneously assuring critical service performance.

Healthcare Management Solutions

Development of cloud-based health information platform, cognitive intake & processing application, etc for healthcare domain eliminates manual processes


Field-Based Diagnostics, Analytics & Reports

E-registers for data capturing, healthcare information system maintaining EHR, and clinical & support data


Connected Healthcare Management Solutions

Elder Remote Monitoring system, Tactile Breast Imaging solutions for cancer diagnostics, and health monitoring device


Patient and Provider Engagement and Intelligence Solutions

Prediction engine driven preventive health solutions, facial recognition technology based mobile app to analyse the patient's health condition


Predictive Healthcare Solutions

What if scenario analyzer solutions for hospitals to analyze department wise clinical and financial metrics and generate care options


Public Health Education, Training & Assessment

Multi-lingual responsive web and mobile application to educate diabetes-friendly recipes, and cross-platform health profiling mobile app that enables parents to assess child's health


Driving Positive Patient Outcomes

We have applied our devices, apps and analytics capabilities and assets to solve common business problems across industries.

Using our assets and capabilities, we have played a key role in several customer engagements driving innovation based on key healthcare trends. We focus on preventive healthcare, personalized medicine/treatment, delivering point of care at patient’s home, lifestyle modifications and developing open, scalable and intelligent healthcare platforms connecting various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Get insights / early indicators from health data to prevent disease. Good for patients and also drug companies as they sell more medicines. Pharma to point of care companies
Leverage our Big Data Analytics and iFusion platform for healthcare
Open platform to engage all healthcare ecosystem stakeholders - provider, patients, caregivers and technology providers. Value addition around drugs
Leverage Innominds platform design and development experience with key solution accelerators for Cloud, Micro-services, UX and UI
Deliver point of care at patients home instead of hospital or clinic
Leverage out end to end consumer IoT platform
Increase patient engagement in bringing Lifestyle modifications
Leverage our Computer Vision, Video Analytics and wearables/devices expertise
Personalised medicine / treatment
Personalised treatment combining past health data, medical records, genomics and realtime health parameters

Success Stories

Keeping up with Digital Transformation in healthcare can be overwhelming. Innominds with its deep expertise in data, mobile and cloud technologies has been helping its clients provide exemplary patient experience. Right from development of cloud based health information platforms to creating predictive and preventive health solutions, Innominds has been the partner of choice for healthcare service providers and medical device manufacturers.

1. Medical Device Solution for a Better Breast Cancer Detection

Client: The client is a physician-led company focused on providing a comfortable, accurate breast exam to millions of women in the US and 95% of women globally who are not protected through traditional breast cancer screening.

Need: Faced with the challenges of go-to-market and clinical trials, customers needed a multi-disciplinary team to own the complete solution development.


  • Besides the ability to convert a concept to a deployable solution, the project required expertise in hardware, wireless, software, ID, manufacturing and  partnerships

  • Key was to go deep in technical, medical & business use cases to realize multiple concepts (device, apps, cloud) into an integrated solution platform

  • Developed an MVP in less than 12 months. Customer conducted clinical trials, got FDA clearance and started collaborating with healthcare institutions

Results: In the process of adding advanced analytics, we continued optimizing and enhancing the solution. While our primary role was of a development partner, we also helped our customer’s market efforts in India and parts of Asia and evolved as a strategic business partner.

2. Mobile App to Monitor Physical & Behavioral Health Profiles of Children

Client: The client is a preventive healthcare program for schools that helps in identifying any deviation from the normal progress of a child by continuous monitoring of various health parameters.

Need: Developing a solution to digitize student health assessment process and provide analysis and recommendations.

Solution: Innominds developed a tablet and mobile solution to digitize the health report generation using algorithms and business logics. Ability to provide assessment based on 40 health parameters shared by client. Key requirements of the app include finger print authentication, offline/online data sync, geo fencing, single app mode, auto update, local notifications, performance statistics on the overall assessments, enabling assessments and ability to view nutrition plans and health plans for students.

Results: Parents were able to assess child’s health, display kid’s reports and plan for a healthy life.

3. Health Tracking and Monitoring System to Track Maternal Health Information

Client: Our customer is the world leader in silicon innovation working closely with their teams on India and other emerging market specific products.

Need: To build a Public Healthcare Tracking and Monitoring System using open source technologies to track health of mother and infant after pregnancy period.


  • Innominds developed the solution that enables capturing of mother and infant health information from pregnancy stage to 15 months, village amenities and medical facilities provided/available in the village

  • Architected to circumvent key constraints in rural environments and designed with a user-friendly interface with first time users of technology in mind, the solution enables health departments and its work force to collect, dashboard, monitor and evaluate

  • System architected based on the Indian Ministry of Family Health Welfare formats and health department hierarchies

Results: Enabled health departments and its work force to collect, monitor and evaluate the health of mother and infant after the pregnancy period.

4. Platform to Educate Healthcare Workers in Local Language to Overcome Shortage of Resources

Client: The customer is the world leader in silicon innovation working closely with their teams on India and other emerging market specific products.

Need: To build a solution that provides all levels of healthcare workers and medical students access to rich, local-language content availability online and offline.


  • Innominds designed Health Education Platform helping the client to address the critical shortage of healthcare workers, especially in developing countries where health facilities and faculty are in short supply and access to the internet is not always possible

  • Verification of user participation and understanding via associated assessments, which are stored and reported over the internet as connectivity is available

Results: Enabled deployment of numerous forms of interactive healthcare education and training multi-media content to help maximize learning and educational experience.

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