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Digital technologies are transforming the construction industryWith coming of age of Digital Transformation in the field of construction, Innominds is using the benefits of Machine Learning (ML) to predict the purchase behavior of a customer by developing a growth strategy backed with supportive data and analytics. Innominds is helping innovative construction leaders by leveraging its ML expertise and has created better work execution platforms for managing the day to day construction processes in an efficient way.

As a part of Industry 4.0, digital technologies are transforming every stage of construction life cycle. The five prominent game changing technologies are Drones (autonomous drones for mapping), 3D Printing, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Smart Apps and Virtual Reality.

  • Mobile Layout Platform to perform field layout work
  • Desktop based Layout Design Platform to plot layout parameters
  • Office solution to create a digital replica of paper constructions from CAD files
  • Tablet solution for layout and measuring tasks
  • PDC range meter, which helps to measure distance
  • Laser Measurer with on-screen camera solution to collect and document measurements

  • Developed solution for integrated sales, fulfilment, and supply chain automation for online multi-channel retailers
  • Implemented Innominds Predictive Analytics package for predicting commodities, freight and insurance prices
  • A reporting solution to provide insights on the automotive parts sales, supply chain by analyzing international sales data
  • Saas based Asset Tracking Solution
  • Cloud based Mobile solution to locate construction tools
  • Fleet Management Solution to quickly obtain near real-time equipment, material and site productivity information
  • Back-end server less cloud enabled platform for professional truck drivers portal that supports key functions such as navigation, traffic & road conditions, truckers point of interest etc.
  • Modernized a multi-tenant email marketing platform to support customer conversions at scale, across multiple channels
  • Built cloud centric architecture for quicker rollout of services to professional truck drivers
  • Improved efficiencies & managed operations 24x7x365 of a management platform with 99.99% uptime

Success Stories

Innominds, with its deep expertise in the field of digital transformation, has assisted many of its clients in managing their technological needs and achieve their business goals. By injecting the nuances of digital transformation in the construction industry, we have helped organizations in improving their productivity and developed an integrated mixed fleet solution to track equipments. Additionally, we have been instrumental in assisting our clients in coming up with efficient layout design.

1. Integrated Fleet Management Solution to Track Equipment

Client: The client is a developer of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers, laser range finders, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), inertial navigation systems and software processing tools.

Need: Develop an integrated, mixed fleet solution, to easily view and track the equipment across the site locations.

Solution: Innominds, with its wide variety of experience in application development, developed the integrated solution whose features include user-friendly management tools combined with GPS-based positioning and wireless technology hardware.

Key solutions developed are as follows:

  • An integrated, mixed fleet solution: Allows to quickly and easily view all of the equipment, regardless of make, in a secure, web-based application.

  • Fleet and asset management subscription: Integrate report data into ERP or project management applications to automate data sharing and ensure accuracy.

  • Project monitoring subscription: Customizable dashboards with View individual machine performance or aggregate fleet data to see an entire site at a glance.

  • VisionLink mobile: Quickly view aggregated cut/fill maps or compaction coverage and pass count maps to improve quality and decrease cycle times.

Results: Improved tracking of equipment from web and mobile app

2. Built a SaaS Based Asset Tracking Solution that Generates New Revenue

Client: The client develops, manufactures, and markets products for the construction, building maintenance, energy and manufacturing industries, mainly to the professional end-user.

Need: Help customers and construction companies in improving productivity. The aim was to reduce 90 hours a month spent by companies searching for assets across jobsites.


  • Innominds, as a development partner, designed and built the software to track construction tools

  • Lead the journey from product ideation to minimum viable product stage by integrating expertise in UX design, UI engineering and application development

  • Designed the software that transforms the experience of users managing tools across multiple locations - warehouse, job site, vehicles, etc.

  • Built easy to use application for front office, construction site and warehouse staff to track & manage assets using website, smartphones & handhelds


  • A new product and a SaaS based revenue stream for the client and an increased customer loyalty by augmenting tool usage by more than 60%

  • A foundational layer for product extensions; V2 with IoT (BLE) in progress

3. Mobile Layout Platform for Construction Professionals to Help Increase Productivity

Client: The client develops, manufactures, and markets products for the construction, building maintenance, energy and manufacturing industries, mainly to the professional end-user.

Need: Provide ability to complete layout jobs with increased productivity, efficient layout design and recording jobsite information for greater visibility

Solution: Innominds developed a layout field software, which is based on Android platform.

Innominds developed applications suite enabling site engineer/surveyor with multiple capabilities:

  • Data Manager: Import/export of Field’s point data

  • Line Transfer and Layout: Layout line without the need of CAD Drawing or Points

  • Measure and Record: Collect all information from field and create a surface for the surveyed area as an input for the CAD designer and to start working on designing of the building/area

  • Height Transfer: Create a plane with some angle used for creating slopes on field

  • Mathematics: Provide users the ability to calculate the area and volume of the particular location in the field

Results: Solution of field layout applications combined with PLT 300 device, enables construction professionals perform advanced layout work in an efficient manner.

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