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Responding & Mitigating COVID-19 and Ensuring Business Continuity
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We, at Innominds, have always been cognizant of our responsibilities towards our nations, customers, partners and employees. In these uncertain times, when COVID-19 has unleashed a pandemic across the world, we believe in taking tangible steps to overcome this adversity soon.

Ensuring Business Continuity With Customer & Partner-Centric Measures

Strong collaboration and coordination is the need of the hour, within the organization and with our customers and partners, to ensure smooth business operations. As we keep ourselves abreast with the developments of COVID-19, the safety and security of our associates, customers, and partners are paramount to us. Our business continuity measures embody our preparedness against the pandemic.

We have established a Cross-functional COVID-19 task force, our internal command and control centre with the executive team and have taken the following measures to ensure business continuity from all concerned departments is in place.

  • We have enabled all our disaster recovery and business continuity plans and will discuss them proactively wherever applicable
  • Our sales leaders, in collaboration with delivery leaders, will periodically provide an update on any possible disruptions to work in the event of an unforeseen leave of absence of employees and will also enforce mitigation plans by making additional backup resources available
  • We will periodically publish project wise/account wise updates and invoke Monthly Business Reviews (MBR) procedures as a planning and communication model to minimize the impact

Mitigating COVID-19 and ensuring your business continues unhindered, our solutions support and strengthen your business to become Remote First. In this unprecedented situation, businesses across the globe are on a constant lookout for newer ways of operating with optimal efficiency. It is no longer a choice but a business imperative to become Remote First ensuring business continuity.

Innominds Solutions Help Businesses Become Remote First

At Innominds, we help manage systems and engineer apps, devices, apply analytics to help ensure businesses stay resilient and successful at all times.

Our emerging technology solutions facilitate smoother, streamlined, and uninterrupted business operations. We bring forth the same ease, comfort, effectiveness and work productivity to businesses and to employees that are working remotely.

Our AI/ML powered data analytics services rise strong to this occasion, helping businesses operate and accelerate better through this pandemic. AI powered data analytics platforms, like our AI/ML-powered iFusion analytics platform, can process millions of data records, coming from varied sources, trace out patterns, detect anomalies and provide meaningful predictive insights via visualizations.

In this emergency situation, iFusion can provide you with visual insights and information regarding the spread of the disease, confirmed cases, deaths, test results, contact tracing, monitored lockdown area clusters, demographics, migration flow, availability of medical resources, and pharma stock availability, etc.

With our AI Test automation, we can help reduce the diagnostics and testing workloads and free up valuable resources to focus on treating patients. Ultimately, this human-machine collaboration in the pharmaceutical space is the need of the hour.

Ramping Up Cyber Security Measures - As more people work remotely and our business anxiety grows, it is not unexpected that cyber-attacks & phishing scams are likely to increase over the coming weeks and months. We can help businesses with User Identity and Access Management (IAM) to ramp up their security, allowing verified and authenticated devices, and users with multi-factor authentication.

The solutions that are most current in the present crisis and are useful for businesses include RPA, Invoice Processor Solution, Chatbots, Asset Tracking and Monitoring, AI Powered Data Analytics, AI Test Automation, Remote Patient Monitoring, Learning Management Systems, Enterprise Security and Risk Management Solutions, Video Analytics, Image Analysis, etc.

Our solutions can provide your business and your employees a conducive working & operating conditions helping your business stay stable and afloat. We ensure that your customers/business and the operations stay strong, uninterrupted and successful at all times even while working remotely. We aim to provide your businesses the condition to become Remote-First.

Our Solutions Help Businesses Mitigate and Sail Through the Crisis

  • Achieve true digitization of workforce for efficient business operations
  • Ensure your apps are smart, devices are secure and systems are compliant
  • Stay agile and provide quick turnaround of application and product development remotely
  • DevOps and cloud transforming businesses
  • Ensure your systems & applications are scalable, high-performing & secure
  • Ensure your operational decision-making is accurate through our AI-driven analytics and data engineering platform
  • Automate your end-to-end application infrastructure and ecosystem for continuous delivery & deployment to be Remote-First
  • Make sure your application and product experiences are tailored to be Remote-First
  • Launch digital twins, 3d versions, Augmented Reality (AR) and companion apps in no time to be omnipresent
  • Achieve digital immersion and beat the challenges of staying remote
  • Shield your network and ensure cyber hygiene by leveraging our on-demand certified ethical hacker team
  • Ramp up security measures with controlled user Identity Access Management (IAM). Help secure your video meetings from the Zoom bombing.

The Way Ahead

As the world feels the impact of COVID-19, we need to understand the fact that technology is the result of human innovation. It offers the right set of tools that help us protect and survive. What’s in store for us in the future, we cannot tell. But, together we will face it and our greatest strength will be in how we share, analyse and gather insights from our shared knowledge and experience.

With technology and human cognition coming together, we can contain, mitigate and minimize the impact of COVID-19.

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