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We are experts in Unified Design Frameworks

We inherit the complexity and confusion among your product development teams and deliver clarity

Executive sponsorship for User Interface Design and UI Engineering projects is never straightforward. It is mired with competing aspirations. Multiple product teams attempt to do what is right for them, and as a result, efforts are overlapped, misaligned, resources wasted, and deadlines missed. However, those are the smallest of your problems! The impact of confusion over management support for UX and UI programs will be actually on your end-user’s experience with your products. With over 15 years of expertise in UI engineering and UX design, and aided by extensive knowledge of Unified Frameworks, we aid enterprises in their efforts to unify multiple platforms and products with analogous user experiences. We believe that an ingenious UI is indeed the point of contact between you & your products and the customer you seek to sway. We promise to make the experience positive and pleasurable and to lead you to positive brand reinforcement and loyal customers.

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We craft ideas and products to boost your business metrics. The dedicated teams of passionate designers at Innominds are firstly design thinkers and problem solvers and with assistance from technologists they have been helping enterprises globally to develop clear strategies and roadmaps to swiftly get products to market. Not just viable, and delightful, our designs are unique and provide rich user experience. Our solutions provide differentiation to your products from your competitors. Innovation is very much in our DNA and with that we are awash with stunning creative talent. Applying visual principles and color theory, adding design elements and by maintaining the visual balance, we create intuitive interfaces giving the user an unparalleled digital experience.

At Innominds, our consultants unify art and engineering, and ensure that your UI is consistent, functional, and deliver a strong return on your investment through improved usability.

What we offer?

  • User-centric design for any software product
  • Responsive, rich, and cross-browser and platforms interfaces
  • Latest HTML technologies and supporting framework
  • UIs that are modular, extensible and maintainable
  • Native mobile apps with intuitive and attractive user interfaces

What makes us a dependable UX Design and UI Engineering Partner?

Serving over 50 customers that include enterprises, ISVs and digital commerce companies across the US, Europe and for 15 years, the brains at Innominds engineered over 100 products. The 150-strong team of UX Designers and UI Engineers and Architects comes with the highest level of expertise in User Experience Design, Engineering of Responsive Web, Hybrid and Cross-Platform Apps development.

We delivered B2B and B2C UI solutions for domains and fields that include:

  • Social Media & Collaboration
  • E-Commerce Storefront
  • Asset Tracking
  • Facial Recognition
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Energy & Utilities
  • New Product Life Cycle Management
  • Research Management Tools   

Our ability to create re-usable design patterns and component architecture for scalable and responsive apps will deliver the following benefits:

  • Modular UI development of responsive web and mobile applications using component based frameworks
  • Theme based CSS implementation, common architecture, building reusable visual components
  • Custom UI development model for SaaS platforms and self-service portals.
  • Unification of UI across products and devices
  • UI customization and Integration with various back-end platforms and cloud

And most of all, in all UX & UI projects, we utilize Design Thinking to absorb the complexities and confusions your product development teams face and then delivery clarity. We separate the problem of establishing a UX and UI framework from that of creating the product: So that you are liberated to do what you do the best, the creation of your products across multiple teams. Together, we partner to design a UI solution that reflects all of your products’ goals, business objectives, and meet your end-user’s expectation of user experience.