Our Approach

Putting people first! Our User Experience design approach has always been people-centric, empowering businesses with a greater user engagement and better customer outreach.

We integrate empathy and compassion into the design process, like a perfect blend of cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce a User Experience that is smooth and highly functional for all your customers. Click here to start a UX/UI Project today.

Digital Experience Design & Engineering - Service Offerings

Customer Experience Design & Engineering

Intuitive rich customer experiences, design and develop customer facing multi channel applications across domains & verticals.

  • Omni Channel Experiences
  • Responsive Web Design/SPA & Hybrid Apps
  • Digital Channel Assessment, Strategy, Design and Refresh
  • Design and UI Consulting
  • UI Tech Architecture & UI Development

Digital Product Design & Engineering

Digital product design, conceptualization & UI engineering to create prototypes and MVP to bring the concepts to working models.

  • Digital Product Design & Ideation
  • Rapid Prototyping & MVP
  • Tech Consulting & Architecture
  • Visual Design & Style Guide

Service Design/Redesign & UI Engineering

Service Design, Process Design/Redesign with core UI/Application Development strengths to enable digital transformation for enterprise & services companies.

  • Service Design & Transformation
  • Process redesign for enterprises, services & legacy applications
  • Web portals & CMS integration
  • Employee Experience / Intranet Development
  • Accessibility

Immersive (AR/VR) and Conversational Experiences

Digital generation immersive & conversational experiences enabling next generation experiences with Augmented and Virtual environments and gamification.

  • Immersive Experiences - AR/VR
    • Marker, geolocation based AR apps
    • Virtual simulations & learning experiences
  • Conversational UI - Chat / Voice Bots
  • Experience for connected & virtual worlds

Interaction and Visual Design

Transforming system complexity into actionable and user-friendly user experience that has both beauty and functionality.

  • UX in IoT/IIoT
  • Data Management & Analytics
  • Consumer Connect & Omni Channel experience
  • Product Design for enterprises
  • UX Consulting
  • UX Analysis

Data Visualization - Dashboards

Analytics driven Advanced Data Visualization & Dashboards to provide analytical insights to enable right business decisions.

  • Data Analytics Driven Dashboards
  • Advanced Data Visualization and Charts

Innominds Digital Experience - Practice Overview

Kickstart your digital transformation initiative by overhauling and revamping your customer/user experience at all touch points thereby, improving your revenues, customer satisfaction levels and gaining a competitive advantage.

  • 150+ Designers & Developers 100% growth in 3 years
    5+ years of average work experience
  • 50+ UX & UI Projects Of hardware and software products that we build for our customers
  • 25+ Active Projects Across the United States of America, Europe & Asia

Our Work at a Glance

Learn how we've helped these industry leaders wade through the competition & helped them stay ahead in their digital transformation curve

microsoft-logo  - UI/UX Technologies

A machine learning driven sales tool designed for worldwide Microsoft sales engineers

qualcomm-logo  - UI/UX Technologies

A phone for the masses, built on Qualcomm's chipsets and sold in the developing world

Hilti-logo  - UI/UX Technologies

An architectural and BIM data driven planning tool for construction workers

Clustrix-logo  - UI/UX Technologies

New SQL self-service database administration for end users, that reduces support calls

Frost-logo  - UI/UX Technologies

UX concepts for MVPs of Frost Data's startups including OspreyData

Centric-software-logo  - UI/UX Technologies

PLM for the ultra-fast paced fashion and apparel industry

ICT-logo  - UI/UX Technologies

UX conceptualization, user research, and new product development

Trimble-logo  - UI/UX Technologies

Redesign of Trimble's flagship product: Field Service Management

User Experience Design & Engineering – Technology Capabilities

Our design team builds responsive, progressive web pages using standard open source & selected enterprise frameworks & tools to give you the best & smoothest user experience possible across all channels, platforms & devices.

  • Multipage Web Design & Development
  • HTML/JS Sites and Portals
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • JS Frameworks- JQuery, Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS, Ember JS, Dojo, Ext JS
  • Limited performance engineering
  • Custom deployment models

Our design engineering philosophy aims at gaining digital excellence in whatever we do. It entails using industry’s finest practices, tools & techniques. All in a bid to give you that rich, non-bumpy & smooth user experience.

Responsive Design  - UI/UX Technologies

  • Responsive webpages
  • Single page architecture & desktop app design
  • Component-based architecture
  • Design patterns - MVC, MVVM
  • REST API/JSON server communication
  • Performance – caching, DOM loading
  • Deployment models for modularization

From concept to prototype, our UI/UX designers & engineers use state of the art design tools to give users a seamless, rich digital experience across all channels.

Experience Engineering | Trends

Our design team builds responsive, progressive web pages using standard open source and selected enterprise frameworks and tools to give you the best and smoothest user experience possible across all channels, platforms and devices.


responsive web design  - UI/UX TechnologiesResponsive Web Design

  • Responsive, mobile-first, progressive enhancement
  • RESS, adaptive content, images & navigation strategies
  • Templating strategies with CMS systems
  • Third party UI widget libraries integration

hybrid mobile apps  - UI/UX TechnologiesHybrid Mobile Apps

  • SPA, JS MVC with Native Wrappers-Cordova, Ionic Framework, React Native
  • RESTful service catalog consumption
  • Security & Caching

front-end-dev-automation  - UI/UX TechnologiesFront End Dev Automation

  • Automate the Build-Test-Deploy tasks during Front End SDLC leveraging tools like Grunt-NodeJs
  • Real Time Linting tied to the UI developer IDE
  • Live tests on reload in real-time development

design-for-components  - UI/UX TechnologiesDesign for Components (not for) Pages

  • Modular/Atomic Design for consistency & reusability
  • Custom libraries with Bootstrap styles, components to reuse across the portfolio for clients
  • Reusable rapid prototyping

client-side-MVC  - UI/UX TechnologiesClient Side MVC (SPA)

  • JavaScript MVC: AngularJs, React JS, etc.
  • Loosely coupled architecture integration with RESTful services
  • End-to-end frameworks to plug & play frameworks
  • Client side UI generation

HTML5-advanced-visualization  - UI/UX TechnologiesHTML5 / Advanced Visualization

  • HTML5 Canvas, Graphic Libraries-D3, SVG
  • Offline Scenarios/Data Caching: IndexedDB
  • Asynchronous Eventing: WebSockets
  • WebGL (3D) support

web-performance-optimization  - UI/UX TechnologiesWeb Performance Optimization

  • Moving beyond traditional Browser & Server Caching
  • Code & File optimization
  • Varying Data Payloads, CDN
  • Client MVC execution framework