We redesigned very complex applications in as little as 16 weeks

Our UX Design & UI Engineering Services

Design and Technology strategy: Release better products faster by applying design driven development and unification frameworks

Interaction and Visual design: Transform system complexity into actionable and user-friendly experience

UI Development and Re-engineering: Re-usable design patterns and component architecture for scalable and responsive apps

Enterprise platforms and UI Engineering: Custom UI development for SaaS platforms and self-service portals


Innominds looks at design as an accelerator for development. We ardently follow a Design First approach. Of course, a Design First approach is applicable where it matters. If your product already has a viable design in place, we shift our focus to executing it so that your project directly goes to next level of developing UI code that translates your design into a pixel perfect live UI.

Research driven design vs. Intuitive approach to design

Companies do not always have time to follow a Research driven approach. In such cases, we bring our vast experience of design best practices and give you a UX design that your customers are most likely to love from the word go. We have redesigned very complex applications in as little as 16 weeks for companies such as Trimble and Microsoft.

Approach to User Research & Usability Testing

  1. Research and Test in the context of redesign
  2. Discover User Mental Models early on
  3. Users may sometimes know what they want, but designers almost always formulate the user experience
  4. We therefore follow a 'design first & test after' approach
  5. No amount of research can replace good design
A few of our
Case Studies

Retail Live Connect


This solution provides a real-time processing and analytics capability in order to sense, analyze and connect with browsing shoppers and offering them contextually relevant shopping experiences.

Reverse Auction for e-Commerce Portal

Customer & Background

Our customer is a leading consulting services provider who was looking for a product engineering and solutions partner who could facilitate building analytics solutions in the areas of consumer and retail industries. One such customer scenario...


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