Client success

Accelerated Cloudification and Refactoring of a Data Integration platform using Containerization and deployment on the Public Cloud

Our data integration client was looking to improve cloud scalability by accelerating Cloudification and refactoring the Data Integration platform through native cloud features.

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Your Roadblocks

  • How to handle complexity of application migration into modern environments
  • How to enable continuous integration and deployment
  • How to manage multi-tenancy, resource allocation and utilization of clusters

Our Response

  • We implement containerization for applications by managing multiple clusters
  • We assist in setting up CI/CD pipeline for end-to-end deployment with container technology
  • Help in defining microservices and distributed application concepts

We offer

Run multiple parts of an app independently in microservices, with much greater control over individual pieces and improve efficiency by managing the lifecycle of containers with orchestration

Implement containerization for application

Our seamless management integrates with external applications; enables DevOps workflows; enforces policies on container runtime

Set up CI/CD for end-to-end deployment

Set up CI/CD and automate configuration management

Manage multiple clusters

We help you get the best out of each computing environment

Design and architect containerization

We manage orchestration, scheduling, container run time, service discovery and registration layer

Cross DevOps milestones faster and optimize development costs

Our proprietary platform and accelerators—iMigrateTM—will help you speed up on your DevOps journey and cut costs

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Accelerating Digital Transformation with Container Orchestration

Container orchestration basically refers to the tools and platforms used to automate, manage, and schedule workloads that are defined by individual single containers. It results in faster deployment, scaling, and networking of containers. It can be used in any environment where you leverage containers. Importantly, it can help you deploy the same application across varied environments without having to redesign it.

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