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Innominds conducts meetup on Architecture, Monitoring and Tuning of Hotspot JVM Performance

Ahmed Danish Khan on August 23, 2017

Hyderabad, India, August 19, 2017 - Innominds along with the Hyderabad Performance Testing Group organized a meetup on Architecture, Monitoring and Tuning of Hotspot JVM Performance on Saturday, 19th August 2017. The meetup was attended by several performance testing professionals and enthusiasts.

IMG_20170819_101608584-2 (1)-1.jpg The session was conducted by Raju Porandla (QA Engineer) and Rakesh Ponnala (QA Lead, Performance Testing) from Innominds who gave the audience a detailed overview on various topics like JVM Architecture, Java Heap and Garbage Collection.

Java virtual machine is an application that enables a computer to run the JVM based language programs. It is a virtual machine that enables portability of code across platforms. Its roles include, memory allocation and its management, and tracking object life cycle.

There are open source JVMs as well as proprietary ones. Raju and Rakesh gave a detailed introduction and overview of the various topics on JVM, arrangement of heap generations, heap growth and shrinkage, garbage collection, monitoring heap and garbage collection etc.

"Wonderful session and looking forward for more such opportunities to learn" said Raju B from Tata Consultancy Services.

"I got a lot of valuable inputs about Garbage Collection which I was not aware of before, thanks to the session" said Sai Krishna from Pramati Technologies.



Topics covered in the Meetup

1) Introduction to JVM
2) JVM Architecture
3) Java Heap and Heap Layout
4) Sizing of Generations
5) Introduction Garbage Collection
6) Garbage Collection Algorithms – Types and Selection

IMG_20170819_132651020-2 (1)-1.jpg

"Based on the feedback we have got, we are really excited and geared up for more sessions in future. It is great to share the knowledge and contribute to the ecosystem of Performance Testing" said Raju and Rakesh.

The meetup was concluded with an interactive demo session which the audience found thoroughly insightful.
The participants were in unanimous agreement that there should be another follow-up session.

Ahmed Danish Khan

Ahmed Danish Khan

Associate Director - Marketing