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Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a crucial undertaking for any enterprise. Identity management costs can be reduced by enterprises that develop mature IAM capabilities. Additionally, those enterprises can become significantly more agile in supporting new business initiatives.

Enterprises have been handed over the mandate to follow government and industry specific regulations. Courtesy to path-breaking advancements in technology such as BYOD, M2M communication, Internet of Things – on one hand, productivity has grown manifold. On the other, it has exposed organizations to innumerable threats and vulnerabilities, both external and internal.

Evolve your IAM strategy for your digital business

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Why Innominds?

With ever evolving IT landscape, the importance of Identity and Access Management services have grown exponentially and they have become an integral part of IT planning and strategy. With threats growing with every passing day and evolving, IAM services require to be in place to prevent malicious attacks. With an apt and optimum Access Management services at their disposal, IT can grant privileges to both internal and external stakeholders. At Innominds, these obstacles are overcome with latest platform comprising of effective and reliable Identity and Access Management services.

IAM products and solutions to minimize enterprise risk challenges

Challenges Faced in Implementing Identity and Access Management

The need for an IAM strategy has become an important part of enterprise IT. A robust IAM solution can enable enterprises in employee productivity and increase their security postures. However, the growth of cloud computing makes IAM more complex every day. With advancing security threats posing specific challenges for users, IAM landscape is becoming complex.

Some of the Challenges Faced in IAM

Manual processes for IAM is inefficient & costly, which results in unpredictable outcomes

Due to lack of collaboration, ineffective processes and unreliable user data, it is loaded with operational risks

Continuous validation of user access and lack of flexibility

Users need to have right access to information with adoption of extended enterprises with SaaS

Our Identity and Access Management Offerings

A centrally managed IAM solution returns the visibility and control needed for a workforce to an enterprise IT team. A holistic IAM solution can help administrators consolidate and simplify access privileges, even if the critical applications are hosted in traditional data centres.

  • Biometric and device-based authentication & authorization
  • IAM execution roadmap development
  • End-to-end IAM solution integration, testing, roll-out and operational support
  • Role management framework development & role modeling
  • Single Sign-On and federation solution roll-out
  • Integration with other solutions such as multi-factor authentication & adaptive authentication
  • Privileged user access management solution roll-out
  • Adaptive authentication and federated access management

IAM Solutions

CA IAM Suite
Identity Manager SSO (SiteMinder) Advanced Authentication Directory Federation Risk Authentication Strong Authentication
Open Identity Stack
OpenAM OpenIDM OpenLDAP OpenDJ

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