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Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is a strategy for managing governance, enterprise risk management, and compliance with regulations of an organization. Additionally, it is about identifying and controlling risks, complying with new rules and regulations, which play a critical role in overall growth of organizations.

Due to a growing dependency on digitally enhanced infrastructure, Innominds’ GRC services are designed to help organizations identify and manage the dynamic interrelationships between risk & compliance and incorporate those disciplines into daily business activities.

Innominds has developed industry-specific GRC solutions in advisory services, methodologies, and tools that address both the regulatory and strategic needs of an enterprise.

Risk management programs mitigate the impact of uncertainty on business performance

- Gartner

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance services are growing in importance and recognized as the three biggest business facing priorities. Security professionals face a lack of visibility on critical data and crucial assets, which, in turn, results in losses due to breach or perceived threat. Weak financial statements coupled with minimal understanding of financial, operational, regulatory and fraud risks pose negative impacts on reaching goals and expectations. Additionally, optimization of governance risks and compliance management tools is a hurdle.

Our Offerings

Innominds offers comprehensive solutions in the field of Compliance Management Services, Governance and Risk Management Services, Audit and Assessment Services, GRC Platform Implementation & Support Services and Data Privacy Services.

Regulatory compliance management services
Compliance Management Services
Setup and manage a streamlined regulatory compliance management environment to handle regulatory requirements within an organization
Enterprise IT risk, governance, policy management and operations
Governance and Risk Management Services
Create and enhance Enterprise & IT risk management processes, and IT governance with effective policy management and operations
Data privacy program implementation services
Audit and Assessment Services
Manage, perform and build assessments and audits related to regulatory/policy compliance, IT governance, security/information security, third party control & governance, and provide internal and external audit support
Assessments and Audits r to regulatory compliance, IT governance, information security
Data Privacy Services
Strengthen reliable services in a data sensitive environment with the assistance of inventory and data flow mapping, impact assessments, privacy program implementation, incident management and regulation analysis
 IT GRC solution implementation and support services
GRC Platform Implementation and Support Services
Enhance visibility with IT GRC solution blueprint, implementation, integration, and monitoring


  • Hidden risks, including data and asset loss risks, showcased
  • Alignment of information security roadmap with other key enterprise initiatives
  • Increase profitability by reducing compliance costs and leakage
  • Decision support for security budget and spending
  • Monitoring activities to setup standard, secure and compliant operations
  • Improved awareness of information security policies across business and IT sectors


Innominds’ GRC services for your data and infrastructure, processes and policies, not only provide an enterprise view along with compliance, but also give access to scalable platforms that can meet future requirements with ease. Our top of the charts GRC’ features are:

  • Assertion of confidentiality, availability and integrity of customer’s sensitive data
  • Streamlined risk assessment framework for business specific compliance
  • Provide visibility to historical governance risk and compliance data across all segments of the enterprise through templates and frameworks
  • Quantified approach to manage risks
  • Organized dashboards, KPI tracking & metrics

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